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In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil”… While Christophe is under increasing pressure that makes him take big risks, Marc and Louis learn some good news. For her part, Kira decides to try her luck.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast Monday evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, September 5 in Such a Great Sun

Christophe is under increasing pressure

Patrice Angel tries to negotiate with his supplier but struggles to hide that he is suffering. Franck therefore decides to revive Christophe.

At the same time, at the office, Charles asks Christophe for his invoice for his emergency intervention on the farm. Embarrassed, Christophe, who had lied to go and examine Patrice, specifies that his client was old and that he did not charge him. While Charles makes him understand that he would very much like to go on the field with him, Christophe receives a call from Franck and walks away.

Franck puts pressure on him to operate on Patrice. But Christophe replies that he can’t get the drugs back, he’s a vet and not a doctor, it’s not easy. However, faced with the threats of his interlocutor, the vet thinks he has an idea to recover and ends up giving advice to Franck while waiting to relieve Angel’s pain.

For their part, Elise and Akim keep watch in front of Eva’s shop. The latter comes to meet them and taunts them by offering them a coffee.

At L Cosmétiques, Laurent notices that Elisabeth is a little disturbed and suggests that she work more to relieve her. She thanks him and replies that it won’t be necessary, she doesn’t need anyone to manage her affairs for her. Annoyed, Laurent leaves the office.

Later, when Alain warns her that their guests are coming for her birthday party, Elisabeth confesses that she wonders if she should sell L Cosmétiques. She doesn’t feel well there. Alain advises him to take time to reflect and to distance himself from all that. He reminds her that he is there for her. Janet and Becker arrive. Then it’s the turn of Cécile and Christophe. Alain welcomes them. Cécile introduces Christophe to Becker. The vet is not very comfortable.

During the evening, Becker discusses drug trafficking with Cécile. Cécile is determined to put an end to this affair. Christophe goes to get another drink. He takes the opportunity to discreetly go upstairs. He walks into Alain’s office and steals a prescription so he can write a fake prescription. At the same time, he hears Alain and Becker talking behind the window and quickly hides. But the vet begins to feel unwell and experience heart pain.

Marc and Louis hear good news

Marc informs Louis that he will have to sell Jacques’ farm. Louis is disappointed. Marc tries to reassure his son: when he wakes up, Jacques will be able to embark on a new professional project thanks to the money from the sale. But the teenager is pessimistic, he thinks his grandfather won’t wake up.

Marc then shows the farm to a potential buyer. She is enthusiastic, she has a project for luxury residences. Marc is disappointed to learn that the farm will be razed. She offers him to think about it, but he ends up saying that he is in a hurry and agrees to sign a promise of sale.

At the end of the day, Marc informs Louis that he is summoned to the judge next week. Louis knows he messed up and hopes he doesn’t blame him. Marc reassures him and swears that he forgives him. Their conversation is interrupted by a call. Marc learns that Jacques has woken up. Relieved, father and son hug each other.

Kira decides to try her luck with Louis.

Claire confides to Florent that she knows that Kira is afraid of returning to a closed center. She thinks they need to reassure her and tell her there’s almost no chance of that happening. Florent is surprised. He thought they had decided to mark the occasion and stand firm with Kira so that she realizes her mistakes. Claire refuses to let such a threat hang over Kira, she believes that the teenager has understood, but her companion is not of this opinion.

Florent thinks it’s important to scare Kira. Especially since, according to him, there is a real risk that she will return to a closed center. Claire refuses to believe it, she thought that Kira’s attitude and good grades would work in her favor. But Florent reminds him that the judges’ decision is not an exact science. And Kira did something serious.

For her part, Kira finds Louis. She confides to him that she is afraid to return to the centre. After all, she knows that Florent won’t be able to do anything. Louis is sorry, he feels responsible for the situation. Kira replies that he has nothing to reproach himself for, if he had to do it again, she would act in the same way. Kira assures Louis that she will never let him down. She adds that he means a lot to her, that he is more than a friend. Surprised, Louis replies that for him too she is more than a friend. He considers her a sister. Kira acknowledges the blow and struggles to hide his disappointment.

Kira is sad. She tells Claire that Louis sees her as his sister. She understood that he was not in love and blames herself for having thought that he was interested in her. Claire cheers him up and reminds him of all his qualities. Kira thanks her and Claire hugs her.

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