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In the next episodes of “Un si grand soleil”… Eva wants to avenge the death of her husband. For their part, Claire and Florent prepare their move.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast tomorrow evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, September 19 in such a big sun

Eva is thirsty for revenge

Stranded on the road because of a car accident, Charles arrives a little late at the veterinary clinic, which greatly annoys Christophe. He loses his temper, because Charles should have warned him with his mobile phone. Surprised by this reaction, the young man apologizes for not having called him. Christophe softens and asks Charles to forget this incident.

Shocked by the death of her husband, Eva Angel tries to find out from Johanna what really happened. The lawyer explains to her client that the interrogation was coming to an end and that her husband collapsed before being escorted back to his cell. Johanna hypothesizes that Patrice died as a result of his clandestine operation, but Eva refuses to hear it. She wants to file a complaint against the police. Johanna then advises him to wait for the results of the autopsy before considering turning against the police. But Eva is a bruised woman who is looking for a culprit at all costs.

For his part, Manu is heard by an inspector from the IGPN, to whom he claims to have followed the procedure. Hugo, the medical examiner, confirms to Becker that Patrice Angel is indeed dead from a massive haemorrhage linked to his operation.

The internal sutures broke, the renal artery reopened and he literally emptied himself from the inside. Hugo doesn’t understand why the sutures broke, the operation having been done by a pro. The toxicological analyzes gave nothing and Angel had neither hematoma nor trace of blow on the body. Hugo will therefore continue to research to find an explanation.

Some time later, Becker finds Manu and asks him how his interview with the IGPN went. Tense, he replies that he is bored while waiting for the investigation to end. Becker reassures him: the autopsy confirmed that there was no violence.

Hysterical, Eva arrives at the police station. She asks the police for an explanation of her husband’s death. She gets angry and is controlled by an agent who takes her to a drunk tank.

The time of reconciliation

Victor receives a visit from Claire at the straw hut. She came to invite him to a barbecue they are organizing this evening in a small committee in their new house. If Victor is welcome, this is not the case with Hélène. He then prefers to decline his daughter’s invitation. Before leaving, Claire reminds him that he is always welcome if he changes his mind.

For his part, Florent, who is in his new house, leaves a message for Enzo to come and pick up his things at the apartment, because they have to return the keys. Claire then advises her companion to invite her to tonight’s aperitif. Florent then hastens to call Enzo back to propose to him.

Some time later, Enzo picks up his things in Florent and Claire’s old apartment when he receives a call from Kira. The teenager heard that he was not available tonight. Enzo confirms it: he must indeed provide service at a private party at the hut.

Kira points to Enzo that he’s been sulking for three months and asks him to put his pride aside. The young girl, who reproaches him for his attitude, decides that it is her turn to sulk and hangs up on him.

Enzo finally arrives at Claire and Florent’s house. Happy, Florent shows him his room. He confides in his son that he really believed he had lost him forever. Enzo then explains to his father that he needed time to digest what happened.

Florent is really sorry. He can’t help thinking that he could have done otherwise. Enzo explains to his father that it wouldn’t have changed anything, he needed someone to blame and it could only be him. The young man hopes that his father does not blame him for having been so harsh and unfair to him. Florent declares to Enzo that whatever happens, he will remain his son.

After talking with Hélène, Victor made the decision to go to the barbecue alone, to the delight of his daughter. But as night has fallen, someone observes the guests, hidden behind thickets.

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