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In the next episodes of “Un si grand soleil”… Thaïs gets closer and closer to Damien, while Kira decides to install a camera in front of his house. Alix completes the preparations for the exhibition.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast tomorrow evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday, September 30 in Un si grand soleil…

The vandal is unmasked

Leaving her house, Claire comes across her neighbour, Monsieur Lievremont, who comes to meet her to tell her about his troubles. He finds these events surprising, the neighborhood being rather quiet. He then seeks to know if she has an idea of ​​the person who could be angry with her. But Claire replies that she doesn’t know and leaves.

For her part, Kira confides in Thaïs that she installed a camera in front of her house in order to monitor the comings and goings. She hopes to have evidence in order to find the person who caused the damage. She wants to prove that it is Hélène. Kira then offers her friend to come and sleep at her place tonight in order to watch the videos together.

At the hospital, Janet asks Claire about her vandalism problems. The latter explains to him that the case is at a standstill, but that she continues to suspect Hélène. Janet is convinced that the nurse is innocent. Everything she had done to Claire was under the influence of drugs. She advises her not to let this story destroy her, and to trust those close to her.

While Lili and Thaïs are presenting in class, Damien interrupts them because of an error. He believes that the young teenager has not worked enough. At the end of the lesson, Thaïs goes to see her teacher. She blames Damien for having humiliated her in front of the other high school students.

She asks him if there was a problem with his presentation. He replies that it was not. Thaïs is ironic and asks him if he didn’t take revenge after his breakdown. Damien corrects her: he is the teacher and she is his student. He would also like her to speak to him with less familiarity. He is not his friend. Thais remains silent.

Later, the teenager explains to Kira that she is disappointed with Damien’s attitude. If the latter considers that she may have made up her mind about the professor, Thaïs remains convinced that she does not leave him indifferent.

Coming back from the restaurant, Claire and Florent find Kira and her friend asleep by the pool. They wake them up to go to bed. At the same time, Mr. Lievremont, the neighbor, tags Claire’s car, without knowing that he is being filmed…

The opening of the gallery is approaching

A few days before the start of the exhibition, Alix calls Ulysse to ask him to do one or two additional paintings. The young man refuses because he cannot create to order. Alix also suggests that Ulysses think about what he is going to say about the origin of his passion for painting. She wants to build her communication and above all give it a makeover.

A few hours later, Alix finds Claudine to sign the insurance papers for the borrowed works. She then explains to her friend that she has invited 200 people and hopes to have between 60 and 80 potential customers.

Alix goes shopping to give Ulysses a makeover. On her return, she makes the young man try on many outfits. The painter manages to find an outfit that suits him. Alix, who finds him sexy, then tries to kiss him. He apologizes and reveals to her that he is homosexual.

Elizabeth’s Lie

Guilhem calls Elisabeth to hear from her. She reveals to him that she works a lot. To change his mind, he offers to accompany him to the opening of a new gallery next Tuesday. He has spotted artists and is thinking of investing. Elisabeth who is just looking for a gift to offer to Alain for their two years together accepts the invitation.

Alain offers Elisabeth to go to their favorite restaurant on Tuesday evening. But she declines and makes him believe that she has planned to spend the evening with her best friend. Alain is disappointed because he had trouble booking.

In the evening, Elisabeth receives a text message from Guilhem in which he tells her that he will pick her up at 7 p.m. to go to the gallery. But it’s Alain who intercepts the message…

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