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In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil”… While Marc and Léonor are on cloud nine, a character with a tumultuous past enters the hospital.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast Monday evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read what follows!

Monday November 27, 2023 in Such a great sun…


Since they got back together, Marc and Léonor have been on cloud nine. Indeed, the couple feels like they have regained their complicity. Although they would like to spend the evening together, unfortunately it has been five days since they abandoned their son.

For their part, Louis and Kira would like to go bowling this evening. Even if he would like to join them, Robin knows that his parents will refuse to let him go out during the week. As he tries to find out why his parents are not on his back, Louis explains to him that since they got back together, they leave him alone.

At L. Cosmétiques, Léonor is chatting with Carine when she receives a message from Marc. Faced with her colleague’s smile, Carine immediately understands that she is talking with her companion. Léonor then confides that she is experiencing a real honeymoon. Very happy, Louis’ mother, however, hesitates to move in with Marc. Indeed, Léonor has no desire to be eaten up by everyday life and all that it entails. It must be said that in four years of celibacy, Léonor has adopted her habits.

Marc, for his part, really wants to settle down with the woman he loves but doesn’t dare talk to her about it. Fearing that she doesn’t really want it, he doesn’t intend to rush things.

Later, Louis tells his father that he is going bowling with Kira tonight. Marc reminds him that he has classes the next day before adding that it would be better for him to go home and do some work. Instead, Marc offers her a little dinner alone. Much to Kira’s dismay, Louis finally gave in.

At the end of the day, Léonor joins Boris and Carine for a drink but Louis’ mother is constantly on her phone. For his part, Marc calls him just to hear the sound of his voice.

Louis, who is tired of seeing his parents behave like teenagers, tells his father to invite Léonor to dinner with them. After Léonor joins them, the couple spend their time kissing, which has the gift of annoying Louis. Léonor and Marc therefore promise to stand before him.


Pierre Louhan leaves prison after benefiting from early release. Florent, his lawyer, took care of his reintegration and found him a job as well as social housing. But that’s not all, the lawyer also gives him a bike to get around. Deeply touched, Pierre thanks him warmly.

Pierre then goes to the hospital and meets Doctor Lewis. In fact, the latter needs him to take up his duties as physiotherapist the next day. A request that he accepts with pleasure. When Pierre questions her to find out if she knows about his past, Janet confirms to him that the HR department passed her his file. As her arrest was not linked to her work or to any drug trafficking, Janet assures that nothing prevents her from working here. In complete transparency, Pierre explains to him that he served three years in prison for getting behind the wheel while intoxicated and killing a woman by hitting her head-on. Janet thanks him for his frankness then sincerely hopes that he will quickly find his feet by leaving all this behind him now that he has served his sentence.

Later, Janet shows him around the department and introduces him to Claire and David. Knowing that the nurse is Florent’s partner, Pierre would like to know if it was she who recruited him for the position. Quite simply, Claire explains that she only submitted her file to HR before specifying that it was her qualities that did the rest. Despite everything, Pierre thanks her.

On returning home, Claire tells Florent that she met Pierre. Although she didn’t have much time to chat with him, the nurse found him friendly. He was also very grateful for everything he did for him. Touched, Florent explains that Pierre is a good person who simply made a huge mistake.

For his part, Pierre leaves the hospital without knowing that he is being observed…


At the police station, Yann and Hugo are discussing their weekend when the commissioner interrupts them to greet them. Sensing the unease between Becker and Hugo, Yann asks his friend for explanations. Although he tries to dodge the question, Hugo ends up revealing to him that the commissioner surprised him with Sabine in a compromising position. However, Yann doesn’t believe him.

At the end of the day, Johanna confides to Yann that Sabine and Hugo have gotten back together. Yann then understands that his friend told him the truth and then tells him that they were caught naked by Commissioner Becker. A revelation that obviously makes Johanna laugh. While she hopes that their story will work, Yann retorts that it will be complicated because he has never seen Hugo in a serious relationship.

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