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In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil” … While Sabine and Dimitri succumb to temptation, Mo gives Enric a second chance.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast Monday evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday May 3, 2021 in Un Si Grand Soleil …

Sabine and Dimitri succumb to temptation

After a week of hospitalization, Doctor Alphand informs the Ferrant family that Maria’s bleeding has finally started to subside. While Dimitri is trying to find out if his wife will be okay, the doctor replies that he has good reason to think so, specifying that things are moving in the right direction.

Meanwhile, Sabine is depressed locked in her room. Enzo then tries to convince her that she has no reason to feel guilty and then encourages her to take the air to clear her mind. For her part, Billie is making her comeback to high school. When she meets Enzo in the hallways, the young woman glares at him before continuing on her way, which pains the teenager.

Not far from there, Dimitri contacts Sabine. As it makes them both feel good to talk, she invites him to come and have a coffee at her place. Uncomfortable at first, Dimitri and Sabine get to know each other and talk until night falls. Before leaving, Dimitri strokes Sabine’s cheek. If at first she declares that it is a bad idea, the math teacher, visibly under her spell, finally leads him to her room.


Enric meets Mo at a restaurant for lunch. While he talks to her about everything except the topic they are interested in, Mo wants to know what he plans to do. Being aware of the harm he has done her, Enric says he is still very much in love with her and would like her to give him a second chance. Mo accepts.

Subsequently, Enric joins Myriam and announces to her that he is returning to his wife. He is then sorry that their story ends this way, especially since he has developed real feelings for her. However, since he’s married, Enric refuses to screw up his family life. Myriam may well look good in front of him, she collapses once her lover is gone.

At the end of the day, Inès crosses paths with Enric, a bouquet of flowers in his hand, at the bottom of their building. By the time she confesses to being afraid of never seeing him again, Enric swears that it will never happen because she will always be his daughter no matter what. Back home, Enric gives the flowers to his wife who hastens to put them in a vase with a shy smile on her lips.

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