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Un Si Grand Soleil in advance summary of the episode

In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil”…While Alix is ​​taken into custody by Becker and Claudine takes charge of her defense, Eve suspects Louis of having cheated on a French homework.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast tomorrow evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, June 20 in such a big sun

Alix is ​​taken into custody

Yann arrives at the Senso and places Alix in custody for pimping, while announcing that he will search the premises. Distraught, Alix completely denies these accusations, but Akim ends up finding an envelope of money while searching the premises. The manager justifies herself by claiming that it is the bottom of the bar, but the two police officers lead her to the station.

Mandated to defend her, Claudine arrives at the police station under the amused eyes of Becker. While his lawyer questions him about possible illegal activities, Alix gets carried away and swears to have stopped pimping. For her, the police are hounding her fate because they have never been able to obtain real evidence on her. Claudine then suspects Ludo of having been able to reconsider his testimony. But for Alix, her friend could never have betrayed her.

During the interrogation, Yann confronts Alix by showing her the photos of his financial exchange with Alba, who admitted that she was working for her by prostituting herself at the Senso. Alix claims that the young woman is a potential client who had contacted him to privatize the Senso, but Yann asks her to explain why Alba gave him an envelope of cash, and Alix justifies herself by claiming that it was a deposit for the reservation.

Faced with the evidence of the evidence that Yann presents against her, Alix firmly denies it. While Claudine asks to release her client because, apart from Alba’s words, there is nothing to support the proof of an act of pimping, Yann retorts that he himself received Alba’s advances at the Senso, who offered him a priced report.

Claudine then goes to Becker’s office, annoyed by this relentlessness against her client. Becker assures her that she is only doing her job and puts her in her place. Seeing her suspicious ex-husband towards her, Claudine warns him that he will have to get used to her presence, because she has decided to settle in Montpellier in order to be closer to her family.

For his part, Virgile contacts Manu and asks to see him in order to find out what his colleagues have as evidence against Alix. The cop replies that he is not working on the investigation, and that he is not his informant. At Virgil’s insistence, he ends up letting go that during their first investigation of his partner, they suspected her of organizing a network of male escorts, and that Ludo was working for her.

He informs his friend that Alix drags a lot of pans, and that he had advised him not to associate with her. Tense, Virgile asks him to keep him informed if he discovers new elements. Following this, he receives a call from Yann informing him that he is being auditioned the next day about Alix. Overwhelmed by problems, he confides in Dimitri, and asks him if he can replace him at the Senso reception the next day. If Alix is ​​guilty, the fate of the club seems compromised in his eyes…

Eve suspects Louis of cheating

After the French test is interrupted by the going off of the high school fire alarm, Eve hands over their copies to her students, and Louis discovers that he got 15/20. As Kira congratulates him, the teacher asks him to stay after class to talk to her. She congratulates him for his work, because his copy stands out from those of his comrades, and for having succeeded in overcoming his academic blockage at once compared to his previous homework.

But when his teacher asks him for clarification on certain passages of his text analysis, or if he already knew the poem before the test, Louis, ill at ease, pretends to be late for his next class and abruptly takes his leave. .

Eve then entrusts her doubts about Louis to Sabine, because this one had provided a very thorough analysis, he was not able to explain to her the intentions of the author when she questioned him afterwards. Worse still, she finds that the student’s copy looks like the answer key for the assignment she had prepared. Conciliatory, Sabine defends Louis and assures him that he is capable of providing relevant and intelligent work.

Meanwhile, Marc calls Myriam to let her know that Louis got a good mark on a test on the table, and wants to surprise her the same evening to congratulate him on his efforts. He asks her if it’s a problem for her to postpone the evening they had planned to spend together, and Myriam shows understanding.

Looking at the answer key on her computer, Eve has an idea. Knowing that Antonin, one of her former students to whom she was close, is gifted in computers, she calls him to ask him for a favor: to check if his equipment has not been hacked.

The young man accepts and inspects the teacher’s computer. After a few minutes, he identifies that a USB key has been plugged into it, and that two files have been copied the day before from his documents: the composed commentary and its correction.

Without being able to identify the person behind the hack, Eve notes that the time of connecting to her device corresponds to the moment when the fire alarm sounded, forcing the entire school to leave the premises… Including the teachers’ room, which remained empty for long minutes. Furious, Eve is almost certain to have identified the author of the two incidents…

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