Un Si Grand Soleil in advance: summary of the episode of Monday July 18, 2022 [SPOILERS] -…

In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil”…While Akim can’t digest the news he has just heard, Noémie is going to have a day full of twists and turns. As for Cécile, she wants things to move forward as quickly as possible.

Un si grand soleil in advance: summary of the episode of monday july 18, 2022 [spoilers] -...

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast Monday evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, July 18 in such a big sun

The investigation progresses

Hugo, the medical examiner, certifies to Manu that Bruno Drieu is indeed dead by hanging. On the other hand, his autopsy revealed numerous bruises in various places on his body, which indicates that there was a struggle. For him, there is no doubt, it is murder, Drieu having been knocked unconscious before being hanged.

For his part, Enzo confides his sentimental troubles to Kira. He didn’t understand why Aurore refused to kiss him and asked him to forget her. Kira thinks that the young woman is lost because of her history with her father and advises her to give him time. Enzo agrees with him but can’t help but think he’s ruined everything.

Becker announces to Cécile that Drieu has been murdered. For her, Philippe Verneuil is no stranger to this crime. But Commissioner Becker does not share his opinion. He thinks the drug dealers are doing a big clean up to silence the witnesses. Judge Alphand, who does not want to have other corpses on her hands, puts pressure on her so that the investigation moves forward as quickly as possible.

For his part, Manu questions Philippe Verneuil who rebels at being accused in this way. He then shows him portraits of traffickers but he denies knowing them. Manu insists and warns him, these people are dangerous and could attack him to prevent him from speaking.

Verneuil then asks for police protection but Manu considers that he risks nothing if he has nothing to do with this traffic. The policeman advises him to think carefully and leaves him. Witness of the scene, Florent is less and less convinced by the innocence of his client. The latter replies that he must trust him otherwise he is screwed.

Manu got information from a Spanish policeman friend about the gang of drug traffickers identified by Europol. It went back to a Spanish woman who lives in Montpellier and who makes the link between the two: Pilar Otero. They will start looking for him.

Akim and Lucille are not on the same wavelength

Akim, who still hasn’t digested Lucille’s announcement, is not at the end of his troubles. The young woman tells him that she is leaving the next day for Barcelona to meet the correspondent she is to replace. She wants to take the opportunity to visit apartments and offers Akim to accompany her.

The latter is furious to be presented with a fait accompli and explains to him that he cannot tackle everything overnight. He reproaches her for thinking only of her. But she assures him otherwise. The proof, she started looking at the safe boxes for him there. Akime then realizes that she doesn’t really know him and goes, annoyed, to the police station.

For their part, Noémie, Rémi and Alice take part in the demonstration and block the entrance to the Mondial Bitume group’s petrochemical plant. Ludo joins them because he wants to see and talk to Noémie. But the young woman has nothing to say to him.

In order to scare away the ecological demonstrators, Mondial Bitume called the police. Those are Thierry and Akim who go to the scene. They will then ask Noémie and her acolytes to leave. While Akim attacks the young woman, the latter calmly explains to him that they are outside the company.

The tension rises and Noémie begins to provoke the two police officers. Ludo, who is always present, intervenes, but Akim asks him not to intervene. Surprised to see that they know each other, Noémie begins to insult the policeman, who arrests her for insulting an officer.

At the police station, Akim decides to send Noémie to the cell. She protests and explains to him that she has to take care of her animals but he retorts that she should have thought of that before starting to insult him.

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