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In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil”… As Christophe lets anxiety overwhelm him, Cécile confronts Achille. At the same time, Manu doubts his suspect, and Léonor dreads her first day at work.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast Monday evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, January 9 in Un Si Grand Soleil…

Manu doubts his suspect, and Cécile is clumsy with Achille

Disturbed by the old woman’s news about Ziggy’s euthanasia, Christophe has a nightmare and sees Johanna in her office with a syringe. She threatens him, she’s going to sting him, it’s the only way to prevent him from killing again. Christophe wakes up with a start, with chest pain.

In the early morning, Cécile joins him near the swimming pool and asks him if he has spoken to Achille, but Christophe does not see what she is talking about. Cécile then reminds him that he had to tell her about the fact that he is distant with her. Christophe apologizes, he forgot. He explains to his girlfriend that he learned yesterday that we might be euthanizing Ziggy. The vet apologizes and promises he’ll talk to Achille. Cécile adds a layer: according to her, Achilles should be her priority. She does not understand why he is so obsessed with this dog. Christophe dodges and goes to work.

At the police station, Judge Laplace puts pressure on Manu and Becker to obtain a confession without waiting from Raphaëlle, the dog sitter. But Manu now thinks she has no profile. He found no trace of her in a canine center, nor any training equipment at her home. For him, the crime is perfect, precise and meticulous, but Raphaëlle is lost and impulsive, it doesn’t fit. The judge, however, believes that she can hide her game very well and wishes to extend her custody. He decides to organize a reconstruction of the crime scene the next day, hoping that she will confess.

Cécile confides in Margot. She tells him that she is worried about Christophe, she finds him weird at the moment, he is totally obsessed with this dog business. Margot is not surprised and reminds him that Christophe’s work takes up a lot of space in his concerns. But Cécile admits to her sister that she has the impression that Christophe is trying to flee because of the marriage, the adoption. She wonders if they weren’t too hasty. Margot thinks everything will be okay, but Cécile decides to talk to Achille herself, she wants the situation to be fixed as soon as possible.

Manu informs Christophe that they will have to do a reenactment with Ziggy. Christophe is tense, he thinks it’s still too early. But, according to Charles, it’s instead a way for him to show Ziggy’s progress. Later, Christophe approaches the dog and asks him to be calm during the reenactment, it could save his life. Ziggy is affectionate with Christophe.

Cécile is in court, she calls Achille and offers to dine at the restaurant with her that evening. The teenager accepts. In the evening, leaving the restaurant, Cécile and Achille take a walk. Achilles is quite closed. Cécile announces to him that she has brought him something and she hands him rings for the wedding. She and Christophe want him to bring them the wedding day. Achilles half-heartedly accepts and puts them in his pocket.

Cécile finally decides to start. She confesses to Achille that she has felt a discomfort between them since they decided to adopt her. She sees that he closes with her and she would like to understand what is happening. Achilles does not answer. Cécile reminds him that he can tell her anything. Achille answers without conviction that nothing is happening, that everything is fine.

Cécile then shows herself awkward and tells the teenager that she knows that he experienced a terrible tragedy with the death of his mother. Achille doesn’t understand why she’s talking to him about this. Cécile imagines that he misses her enormously and that he may have the impression that she wants to replace her, which is not the case. Achille tells him that his mother is irreplaceable. He adds that Cécile will never be his mother and then leaves. Cécile is sad and disturbed.

Léonor takes her first steps at L Cosmétiques

Léonor drops Louis off at school and asks him how he is after his breakup with Lili. Léonor tries to reassure him by telling him that things will calm down over time. In return, Louis encourages his mother on her first day at L Cosmétiques. Léonor recognizes that she is stressed like a first day of school.

Elisabeth, for her part, is very annoyed. She calls Alain and tells him that Arthur sent her an email to tell him that he was extending his stay with his father. She fears that he will leave college and not return. Alain recognizes that Arthur is missing his year. Elisabeth is worried, she can’t do anything remotely.

Laurent visits L Cosmétiques with Léonor. He introduces him to Enric who makes himself available to him in case of problems. He tells her that he is the staff representative. The current seems to pass well between them.

Laurent then introduces Léonor to Elisabeth. Remembering that she was not very motivated at the time of the interview proposal, Elisabeth tells her new employee that she hopes she will perform until the end of her trial period. This is when she will decide whether or not she is capable of handling such a position.

Léonor is destabilized to give Elisabeth a bad image in such a short time. Laurent puts things into perspective and tries to reassure his new assistant: Elisabeth is like that with everyone. Even he experienced it. It’s brittle but it’s nothing personal. Enric arrives and understands that they are talking about Elisabeth. He also reassures Léonor by explaining to her that Elisabeth is a dragon, of course, but that she also knows how to recognize a job well done and the good elements.

In the evening, Elisabeth and Alain dine at the restaurant. Elisabeth is tense on this day, between Arthur who is freewheeling and Léonor whom she does not feel at all. She is convinced that Léonor is not made for this position and has the feeling of having met her before, but cannot remember where. Alain reminds his companion that Léonor is on a trial period and she is not obliged to sign him a CDI if in the end she does not do the trick.

Louis confesses the truth to Kira about Lili

In high school, Louis offers Kira to work in pairs for a presentation on international trade. But Kira sends him packing. Thaïs then points out to her friend that she is a bit harsh with Louis. But Kira pretends that he sticks to her too much.

Later, Louis crosses paths with Kira again. He asks her why she behaves like this with him. He feels like she can’t take it anymore, and Kira replies that maybe it’s not a feeling. Louis does not understand what she blames him for. Kira then explains to him that he’s been around her like a fly since Lili ended their relationship. She finds this pathetic, and adds that she is not a spare tire. So she asks him to keep his distance.

Louis ends up confessing to Kira that it wasn’t Lili who dumped him. Kira doesn’t want to believe it. Louis insists: he is the one who left. And not for any reason. Kira looks at him without saying anything. Disappointed, Louis tells her that if she doesn’t care about him, she might as well let it go. Then he leaves.

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