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In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil”… While Estelle cancels the wedding, the police are on Jade’s trail.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast Monday evening on France 2! If you don't want to know anything, don't read what follows!

Monday January 15, 2024 in Such a great sun…


Since the evening of her engagement, Estelle has been upset, which has not escaped Guilhem who is trying to find out if everything is okay. As she claims to be tired, the lawyer offers to cancel all her appointments to spend the day with her but Estelle declines because she has work. While Guilhem explains that money will no longer be a problem when they are married, Estelle takes it badly and emphasizes that she didn't get with him for that.

The young woman ends up telling him about the comments made by Élisabeth at the evening. Shocked, Guilhem nevertheless tries to reassure her and then asks her to stop thinking about this nonsense. And to cheer him up, he indicates that he has reservations at the Japanese restaurant that everyone is talking about at the moment.

In reality, Guilhem is furious. Once his partner left for work, he called Élisabeth and reproached her for pouring out her gall on his fiancée. Élisabeth reminds him that she has a bad habit of saying what she thinks before telling him in all friendship that this marriage without a contract is a mistake. Guilhem, who thinks that his friend cannot stand the happiness of others, says that she is pathetic. When Elisabeth retorts that he is completely losing his mind, Guilhem assures on the contrary that he is very sane before hanging up on her.

Meanwhile, Akim receives a call from Margot. As she still has no intention of giving up the job in Los Angeles, the police officer refuses to take the time to calmly think about a solution.

Not far from there, Estelle calls Carine to tell her about the huge anxiety attack she had during the evening. In tears, the young woman wonders if she did not accept this marriage for the wrong reasons. Carine then advises him to take the time to think. According to her, nothing prevents her from postponing the wedding date.

Guilhem, for his part, expresses his happiness to Johanna. On cloud nine, he even asked his niece for help in finding a venue for the reception. And suffice to say that the lawyer sees the big picture.

At the end of the day, Margot finds Akim in front of the police station where she once again offers to follow her to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, this doesn't interest Akim at all, who has no desire to rest on his career. Margot tries to make him change his mind but he sticks to his guns.

At the same time, Estelle finds Guilhem in the streets of the city and tells him that she no longer wants to get married. Certain that his partner is speaking out of emotion, he welcomes the news with a smile and tells her that they do not have to get married right away. As long as they're together, that's all that matters to him. However, Estelle thinks their story has moved too quickly and needs time to think. She then returns home, leaving Guilhem completely distraught.


Jade still can't believe that the store she worked in was robbed. She has the impression that life is trying to make her pay for her past as a robber. For Ludo, as the police are on the trail of a gang, she has nothing to fear. Despite everything, he advises her to stay hidden at the farm while waiting for the authorities to find the real culprit.

At the police station, Élise announces to Alex that the fingerprint taken at the motorcycle store matches those of Jade. Without waiting, Élise and Alex go to the store and show Sandra a photo of Jade. Obviously, Sandra makes them believe that she doesn't know her. Once the police leave, the latter quickly calls Jade to keep her informed. Grateful, the young woman thanks her for covering for her.

Not far from there, Commissioner Becker and his teams take stock of the investigation. Jade's fingerprints having been found in the motorcycle store, the commissioner decides to issue a wanted notice, much to the dismay of Alex who seems worried by the turn of events. An attitude that did not escape Becker.

Shortly after, Alex arrives at the farm and tries to find out what happened. Jade, who fears he has come to stop her, hides while Ludo tells the whole story. Unfortunately, Alex can't do anything to help Jade and he recommends that she turn herself in to prove her innocence. Ludo then reminds her that she is wanted in several cases. If she does this, she will be condemned. However, the police officer does not see a better solution.

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