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In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil”… While Marius gives false testimony, Robin experiences his first heartache and Ulysses is out of inspiration.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast Monday evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, February 13, 2023 in Such a big sun…


Under Claudine’s thumb, Marius approaches Milo in a parking lot and reveals things to him about the Cresson affair. He then makes her believe that Gérald botched his work on the air conditioning overhaul and then even goes so far as to say that his goal was to collect as much money as possible by doing as little as possible. When Milo asks him why he doesn’t go to the police, Marius claims that if he reports Gérald to the authorities he will be grilled in the business. He then explains to her how complicated it is to find work since he left the Soriano company. Milo therefore wants to know how much he wants.

During the day, Marius calls Johanna under a false identity and makes her believe that he needs a lawyer for his divorce. Johanna then urges him to call the cabinet secretary to make an appointment. At the same time, Claudine observes her colleague with a smile on her face.

In the process, Marius goes to the police station and informs Lieutenant Cross that he worked for Gérald Soriano on the hospital’s air conditioning maintenance site. And as much to say that Marius has a well-rehearsed speech. If he does not hesitate to portray Gérald as a crook, he also makes the policeman believe that they have only checked the air conditioning once out of two in order to have more time to work on other paid sites. in the dark. Ready to do anything to make money, Marius then agrees to make a false statement.


In the morning, Kira pushes Thaïs to have a discussion with Robin. Indeed, the young woman hopes that by explaining the real reasons for their separation, Robin will be able to move on. Only, Thaïs is lost and doesn’t want to talk about it.

Later, Robin finds Thaïs at the end of high school because he needs to understand why she left him. The teenager then ends up confessing to him that she still has not mourned Damien. Their story was so strong that she feels she will never be able to fall in love again. While Robin reproaches her for never having attached herself to him, Thaïs retorts that she cares for him but as a friend. Angry, Robin accuses her of using him as a bandage before saying she can keep his friendship. On returning home, Robin collapses in his father’s arms.


In the morning, Alix receives a call from Marc who informs her that a second-hand dealer has proof of the existence of the painter Definod. In reality, this informant is none other than José, the receiver. A man that Alix knows well since she works with him. So she finds him in a café and asks him to drop off the reel of the film shot by Hélène and Ulysse as agreed.

Meanwhile, Hélène joins Ulysse in his sweatshop. As he doesn’t have the inspiration to paint the next Definod, Hélène tries to show him that he has talent. In vain.

Later, Ulysse receives a call from Bilal and confides in his artistic blockage. Certain that the inspiration will eventually return, Bilal advises him to get some fresh air and enjoy his day. Immediately, Ulysses replies that he really wants to see him. A desire shared by Bilal.

A few moments later, Alix and Hélène go to the workshop but Ulysse is no longer there. In the aftermath, Alix receives a call from Marc who tells him that the junk dealer has delivered a reel to him and that he will watch it during the day after finding a device to read it. Obviously, the journalist is enthusiastic at the idea of ​​discovering what it contains.

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