Un Si Grand Soleil in advance: summary of the episode of Monday, August 30, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Un si grand soleil in advance: summary of the episode of monday, august 30, 2021 [spoilers]

In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil” … While Camille learns that Serge and his mother are away for the weekend, Claire breaks the hospital rules. For her part, Johanna is harassed by her owner …

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast Monday evening on France 2. If you do not want to know anything, do not read on!

Monday August 30 in Un Si Grand Soleil …

Johanna is harassed by Mr. Daumier

At her office, Johanna receives a former client, to whom she offers to follow her in her new practice, while benefiting from her affordable fees. She agrees to give her a small business by submitting to her the case of one of her employees, whom she suspects of having defrauded by going on sick leave following a refusal to validate leave.

Soon after, Mr. Daumier, the owner of Johanna’s premises, calls her to inform her that her lease is ready. He invites her to dinner the same evening in order to proceed with the signing. Surprised, Johanna asks him to simply send her the documents that she will return signed. Daumier insists, and Johanna, ill at ease, pretends that she is not free in the evening because she has to find her boyfriend. Daumier is surprised not to have been made aware of this information.

Johanna then contacts her client’s employee, posing as her lawyer, in order to confront her about the risks she is running. Indeed, she went on vacation during her sick leave, which she carried out on the basis of a false document. Shocked, the employee threatens to send her boss to the industrial tribunal. Johanna advises her not to take this path, because she risks losing the case and being dismissed for serious misconduct. She suggests that he ask for a conventional break, to which the employee agrees with bitterness.

At the straw hut, the lawyer finds her friend Sabine, and tells her about her concerns about Daumier. The man is pestering her with messages to invite her to dinner, despite the fact that she has said no to him several times. However, she fears that if she is too cold towards him, Daumier will refuse to sign her lease and that she will lose her new offices.

But when she returns home, Johanna has the bad surprise to discover Daumier waiting for her outside her door. Sneering, he asks her when her boyfriend is due, and if he really exists. Johanna takes her leave curtly, but Daumier follows her home and insists on wanting to invite her out with him.

Furious, Johanna retorts that his attempts at seduction are in reality harassment, and that she will not hesitate to file a complaint against him if he does not leave her alone.

Camille wants to put her plan into action

Laetitia informs Camille that she and Serge want to spend a romantic weekend in Carcassonne, and asks her if she agrees, and suggests that she tell her father to go to his place. Camille accepts, and assures her that she is able to spend two days alone at home. Reassured, Laetitia thanks her.

As soon as her mother’s back is turned, Camille sends a message to Kira to let her know that Serge’s apartment will be empty on the weekend. The young girls then meet again, and Camille insists that they take advantage of their absence to go and steal money from the lawyer’s safe.

However, Kira refuses to be embarked on her friend’s scheme. She believes that Camille behaves like a spoiled child, simply because her parents refused to let her go to Paris. Camille tries to convince her that Serge will not see any difference given the sums he has in his safe, but Kira does not want to risk getting into trouble and being sent back to an educational center. For her, the consequences may be much higher than for Camille if they get caught.

Claire breaks the rules for Violette

Having finished her working day, Claire comes to visit Violette in her hospital room. The old lady, fully dressed, informs her of her intention to go to the edge of a pond that she is particularly fond of, and informs the nurse that she has ordered a taxi to get there.

Claire tries to bring her to reason, because she does not have the right to leave the hospital in view of her condition. Violette replies that this walk could well be her last, and that she intends to go there. Claire then offers to take her herself, since she has finished her shift.

Once at the pond, Violette thanks Claire for granting her this favor, and confides in her that she will miss this place dear to her heart. Claire reassures her by telling her that Myriam will know how to take care of the place. Violette salutes Miriam’s talent, and tells the nurse about a small hiding place in a bird niche that she has created in order to store some joints. Amused, the two women spend a moment together.

Arrived at the hospital, Céline finds her aunt’s room empty. Fearing the worst, she informs Helene, the head nurse, and asks her what happened to Violette. But Claire reappears at the last minute with Violette, whom she pushes in a wheelchair. The old lady reassures her niece, she had just gone to get some fresh air.

Taking Claire aside, Hélène reprimands her: she took a big risk by getting Violette out. If anything had happened to him, the hospital would have been responsible. Claire apologizes to him, and Hélène, convinced of the nurse’s goodwill, promises to pass the sponge this time so as not to get him into trouble.

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