Un Si Grand Soleil in advance: summary of the episode of Monday 23 August 2021 [SPOILERS]

Un si grand soleil in advance: summary of the episode of monday 23 august 2021 [spoilers]

In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil” … While Lucille continues her investigation, Akim lies to the IGPN to cover Thierry. At the same time, Laetitia and Serge take a step forward in their relationship. And Violette is uneasy.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast Monday evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday 23 August in Un Si Grand Soleil …

Asked by the IGPN, Akim continues to cover Thierry

Lucille tries to understand why Akim is not doing well. Elise, to whom she made an appointment with the Savages, also noticed that Akim was not on his plate and adds that he seems to have been very shocked by the arrest of the young undocumented migrant. . But Elise does not know more about this case. And when Lucille insists on knowing what Elise thinks of Thierry Valois, the latter admits that she does not like him and that she finds him racist. But she doesn’t know if he would be able to go so far as to hit Abu.

At the hospital, Aline Roux, the IGPN investigator, questions Abou. She explains to him that her role is to ensure that the police do not go beyond the scope of their duties. She feels that Abu is not telling the truth, then adds that if he insists on being silent, she will be forced to believe Brigadier Valois’ version. But Abu maintains that he remembers nothing. Aline Roux leaves him her business card, in case he ends up remembering something.

The IGPN investigator then talks to Janet and Janet confirms that total or partial amnesia is possible after a head trauma. But since Abu remembers everything except the accident, Aline Roux has serious doubts about the veracity of this so-called amnesia. What if Abu were to pretend not to say what he knew, because he was suspicious of the police?

Back at the police station, Aline Roux questions Thierry and Akim. Brigadier Valois maintains his version of the facts. He explains that they sued Abu because he refused to show them his papers. And when they finally caught up with him, he struggled, fell, and his head hit the sidewalk. Aline Roux notes that Akim is very silent. She asks him if he attended the arrest and Akim does not hesitate to lie to her and answer that he did attend the scene.

Akim feels bad. But Thierry reminds him that it is the basis of the profession to cover oneself with colleagues. Elise surprises them and seems to be wondering about the nature of their discussion. At the end of the day, Lucille suggests that Akim go out for the evening, but Akim doesn’t want to. And when his girlfriend pushes him to confide in him, he points up and asks her to let go with this story.

Levars is ready to engage

Laetitia and Serge Levars spent the romantic weekend in the lawyer’s house. The latter gives a duplicate of the keys to his magnificent house to his new companion. He’s ready to take the next step in their relationship. Delighted, Laetita accepts.

Camille and Kira took advantage of Laetitia’s absence to spend the weekend together. While they are cleaning up before Laetitia’s return, Camille confides to her friend that she thinks her mother will end up opening her eyes and breaking up with Levars.

Later, Manu comes to pick up Camille from his ex-wife. They think she has given up on the idea of ​​her trip to Paris, but have no idea that their daughter is more determined than ever to travel to Paris with Kira.

Violet is uneasy

Violette receives Florent and Maître Guillain, the notary, at her home. In Miriam’s presence, they are finalizing the will. Maître Guillain goes back to Violette’s instructions and reminds her that she wishes to bequeath all her movable and immovable property to her niece, Céline. With the exception of two plots of land which will come back to Myriam.

Violette also wishes to donate 5,000 euros to the France Coeur Poumon Association. And, when the time is right, she wants to be cremated and wants her ashes to be scattered on the land bequeathed to Myriam. Violette, happy that her wishes have been respected to the letter, signs the will.

Miriam and Violette then go to the edge of the pond which belongs to the old lady. Violette confides in Miriam that she is relieved that her land is coming back to her. The young woman, who has a hard time hearing Violette talk about her death, bursts into tears. She makes him promise not to leave too early. Fortunately, Violette replies that she does not intend to die right away.

In the evening, Violette wakes up with pains in her chest. She seems out of breath. Panicked, she grabs a bottle but drops the pill she was about to swallow to the ground. The stamp in question slips under the sofa and Violette cannot reach it. So she goes, not without difficulty, into the kitchen and ends up getting her hands on a second bottle. Unfortunately, this one is empty. Violet feels more and more ill and is uneasy.

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