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Un Si Grand Soleil in advance summary of the episode

In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil”… While Cécile is affected by recent events, Chistophe has no choice but to give in to Franck’s blackmail. At the same time, Alix knows how to be convincing to achieve her goals.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast tomorrow evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday, September 2 in Such a Great Sun

Christophe gives in to Franck’s blackmail

Bernier takes stock with Cécile Alphand of the investigation. They are at a standstill. The gang is well organized and Cécile is worried. Bernier, for his part, fears that the population will react and believes that it is high time to put an end to the carnage. Cécile has decided to go see the overthrown young man to assure him of the support of justice.

Franck observes Christophe talking with Achille. The teenager tells the vet that it was a friend of his who was run over by a car the day before. Christophe is sorry and makes Achille promise not to play in this city again. It’s too dangerous for him. Achille then tells him of his desire to spend a weekend with him. Christophe promises that he will try to free himself soon, but he still has to talk to Cécile about him. Achilles can’t wait to meet her.

Cécile goes to the bedside of Mathias, the young injured. Akim tells him that the teenager doesn’t know anyone, hasn’t seen anything, and has a priori nothing to do with this case. He wanted to become a professional basketball player, but that now seems compromised. Cécile enters Mathias’ room and introduces herself to him. She says she is sorry for what happened to her.

Christophe arrives at the office and is visited by Franck. The latter asks him to help his friend who is dying. Christophe replies that he needs a doctor and not a vet, but Franck insists by offering him money. Christophe replies that it’s all over for him, he hung up. Franck then begins to threaten the veterinarian. If he doesn’t come, he’ll send a letter to the cops telling them how he treated several wanted criminals.

Christophe is stressed and advises him to find someone else. But Franck threatens him to talk to his wife who is a judge. Cornered, Christophe begs him not to tell him anything. He sends a message to Charles to cancel his appointments on the pretext that he has an emergency at a farm.

Later, Christophe examines Patrice who is very ill. Christophe advises him to have the operation at the hospital, but Patrice cannot bring himself to do so and asks him to take care of the operation. Christophe reminds Patrice and Franck that he only has veterinary products and is not equipped. Franck then advises him to equip himself without delay. Christophe replies that it will take time, it must be prescribed by a specialist. But Franck doesn’t care, he puts pressure on her and makes her understand that they don’t have time.

At the end of the day, Cécile finds Christophe at their home. They talk to each other about their day. Cécile is sad and informs her companion of her visit to the upset young man. She explains that Mathias is broken physically and psychologically when he had plans. Usually, the judge knows how to keep her distance. But there, she is touched by this story.

Alix knows how to be convincing

Alix is ​​on the phone with Claudine who explains to her that her collector friends do not want to lend their masterpieces. She cannot force them and advises her friend to start the adventure of her gallery with more modest artists. Claudine still ends up agreeing to give Alix the contact details of one of her friends. Alix promises that she will do everything to make her change her mind. She asks Ludo to help her convince Claudine’s friend to lend her works of art.

Ludo calls Claudine’s friend and pretends to be Alix’s assistant. The collector agrees to exhibit her work but wants to be sure that insurance and transport are well organized. He confirms it. Alex is delighted. But when Ludo tries to make sure she has everything framed, the gallery owner dodges and leaves.

Alix then finds Ulysse Brunel. The young artist prefers not to exhibit, he wants to be independent and keep his freedom. However, Alix finds the arguments to convince him. By discovering her new works, she finds what she liked in her previous creations. Ulysses confesses to him that he painted them after his last visit. He ends up agreeing to exhibit.

After telling him how his grandfather transmitted his passion for painting to him, Ulysses tries to find out more about Alix. She confides in her past and her escort company. Odysseus is surprised. He understands that she has never worked in art. But Alix assures her that she will sell her paintings.

Later, Alix is ​​at the gallery, she negotiates with a man the transport of the works and specifies that the owners have managed the insurance on their side. Virgil joins her. She is happy and talks to him about Ulysses enthusiastically.

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