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In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil” … As Maria’s heart stops beating, Sofia and Elise get married.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast tomorrow evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday May 7, 2021 in Un Si Grand Soleil …


At the hospital, Billie is happy to be with her mother. As she tells him how difficult the past few days have been for her, Maria promises to get home as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Doctor Alphand warns Dimitri that Maria’s state of health is improving. However, it is still fragile and the next few hours promise to be decisive.

Shortly after, Dimitri contacts Sabine to inform her that Maria is out of the coma. The situation being complicated, they agree to stop seeing each other for the moment. A decision that upsets Sabine despite everything. Subsequently, Dimitri goes to his wife’s bedside and tries to find out what happened on the evening of the accident. Though her memory is still fuzzy, Maria remembers the face of a pretty woman.

Not far from there, Sabine arrives at Florent’s to have a discussion with her son. After apologizing to him, she warns him that Maria is out of the coma and then claims that her affair with Dimitri is over. Enzo responds as he is relieved that things can finally get back to normal. At the end of the day, Maria’s constants panic. Alain may do everything to revive her, unfortunately Maria’s heart stops beating. Upon hearing of her mother’s death, Billie collapses.


It’s the big day for Sofia and Elise who get married surrounded by their families and friends. After the ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests gather at the Savages to celebrate.

Present at the ceremony, Jonathan meets Victor. Seeing them discussing, Florent intervenes and asks Jonathan to leave his stepfather alone but above all to stay away from his family. Disappointed, Jonathan confides in Claire who reminds him that trust is won through actions. While Jonathan is convinced that Florent never liked him, Claire is certain of the contrary because his companion would not put himself in such a state if it did not affect him so much. Claire then joins her companion and begs him to give her brother a second chance. But the lawyer refuses.

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