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In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil”…While Aurore manipulates Enzo, Steve hesitates to study abroad.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast tomorrow evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday, July 22 in such a big sun


Aurore and Enzo spent the night together. When they wake up, the young man tells her of his desire to see her more often but also of his need to live their love story in broad daylight. If Aurore insists on keeping their romance a secret, she nevertheless offers him to go hiking next week. Wrapped up by this idea, the Grasset son thinks he will have no problem taking a few days off.

A few moments later, Aurore receives a call from Florent who informs her that the administrative court has just lifted the visit ban. She will therefore be able to see her father at the end of the day.

Once he hangs up, Florent confides in Johanna that he has decided to give Verneuil a second chance and that he plans to pay him a little visit the next day to put his cards on the table. It is only after this meeting that he will make the choice to continue to defend him or not.

At the campsite, Gary congratulates his daughter on her excellent work. The latter then seizes this opportunity to tell him about Carole. Indeed, Inès saw that she had fallen for him. While Gary affirms that they appreciate each other as friends, the young woman tells him that Carole has asked a lot of questions about him. Uncomfortable, Gary cuts the conversation short.

Not far from there, Bourdais is watching Carole. A situation that she finds difficult to bear because she is suffocating and regrets not having any more intimacy.

Meanwhile, the investigation is progressing and Thierry and Manu have managed to track down Samuel, Pilar’s ex-companion, thanks to a complaint.

At the Grasset’s, Florent notices that he hasn’t seen his son much lately. Enzo therefore tells him that he has a girlfriend and then makes him believe that it is a girl from his BTS.

At the end of the day, Aurore goes to see her father in the visiting room. Determined to get him out of prison, she explains to him that everything is going well with Enzo. Only, Verneuil does not think it is a good idea to use the son of his lawyer and fears that it will go wrong. However, Aurora signals to him that they have no choice before asking him to trust her.


Laetitia refuses to let her daughter study in Korea. Although she is perfectly aware of the opportunity offered to her, the banker tries to make her understand that her project has a cost. Even if Camille has thought of everything, Laetitia is firmly opposed to her going to the other side of the world. A disappointment for Camille who feels that her whole family is ganging up on her.

Later, Manu drops Eve off at school and takes the opportunity to have a discussion with his daughter in order to find a solution. Having no desire to see her give up on her project, Manu suggests that she take her baccalaureate in Montpellier and then join Steve in Seoul the following year as part of a university exchange. He even plans to take her there during the All Saints holidays. However, this is not enough for the teenager.

Back at the police station, Manu confides in Alex. While the latter considers that it is normal for Camille to want to go on an adventure with the boy she loves, Manu would like to retain his daughter.

At the same time, Camille complains to Steve about her parents’ reaction. As she seriously considers being emancipated, Steve says that he has no desire for her to quarrel with her parents because of him.

Later, Steve prepares his cover letter for Seoul University with Sabine’s help but is reluctant to leave. The maths teacher therefore enjoins him to take the time to reflect, specifying nevertheless that such a chance will not come again.

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