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In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil”… While Christophe is disturbed by bad news, Manu puts pressure on his suspect. At the same time, Florent and Johanna refuse a golden offer.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast tomorrow evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday, January 6 in Un Si Grand Soleil…

Christophe learns bad news

Cécile really enjoyed dinner with Hugo and wishes she could invite him more regularly. Christophe is uncomfortable. He replies that he likes the coroner but that he doesn’t consider him a friend. Cécile is surprised, she thought they got along well. Christophe dodges and starts talking about Achille. He once again offers his future wife to accompany them to the rugby match that evening. Cecile does not prefer. She evokes again the uneasiness that exists between Achille and her. Christophe tries to reassure her: he promises to talk to the teenager and sort it all out.

The alibis of Soline Rostant and Darius having been confirmed, Raphaëlle, the dog sitter, becomes Manu’s only suspect. Moreover, Akim found a fairly stormy email exchange between Raphaëlle and Hervé Rostant. So maybe she had reason to resent him.

Christophe is happy, his positive reinforcement work on Ziggy is starting to bear fruit. The dog hardly barks at the sight of the stick and is much more docile. Charles congratulates him for not giving up.

Manu questions Raphaëlle and asks her about her relationship with Hervé Rostant. She replies that they got along well. But Manu insists. He knows that Hervé accused him of having stolen his watch. He has all their email exchanges. Raphaëlle assures that Rostant had finally found his watch and that he had apologized for having suspected her. She adds that she does not understand the connection between this whole story and Hervé’s death.

Manu then explains to him that he thinks that Ziggy had an intensive training in the absence of Rostant so that he attacks his master. Raphaëlle realizes that he thinks Hervé was killed. Manu asks her if she has something to do with it. He reminds her that she is on parole and that Hervé’s complaint for theft risked sending her to prison. Manu thinks she may have panicked and looked for a way to get rid of Hervé without arousing suspicion.

But Raphaëlle assures that she could not have done anything with Ziggy because she did not keep him for more than a few hours. Shortly after Hervé left for Canada, the dog ran away. Manu asks Raphaëlle why she didn’t warn her master. She replies that she didn’t dare, she was in all her states. And then, finally, the dog reappeared after three weeks.

While waiting to find out if Hervé Rostant’s watch is indeed at his home, Manu informs Raphaëlle that he is indicting her.

While having a good time with Achille at the rugby match, Christophe receives a call from Judge Laplace who asks him where he is with the dog. Christophe replies that Ziggy reacts very well to deconditioning and that he is hopeful that he can save him. Laplace informs him that a request for interim relief has been filed by Johanna on the initiative of the victim’s sister. She asks that the dog be euthanized without delay. The judge then gives Christophe until the end of the week, he cannot do more.

Tense, Christophe then calls Johanna. He begs her to convince her client to withdraw her request. He assures that Ziggy has been conditioned. He doesn’t deserve to die. But Johanna reminds him that the dog tore his master to pieces. Conditioned or not, this animal has become a real danger according to Johanna. She adds that she has no time to waste with her ex’s moods, it’s up to the judge to make a decision. However, Johanna is hopeful that he will prove her client right. According to her, if Hervé Rostant’s sister wants the dog dead, she will have it.

Johanna and Florent announce their decision to Claudine

Johanna asks Guilhem if he has thought about her proposal to join the firm. Her uncle thanks her but replies that he cannot accept. Guilhem knows that Johanna wanted to help him after Sylvie’s death, but he doesn’t think that’s a good reason to offer her a job. Johanna recognizes that he is right. But things have since changed. He would be doing her a favor by accepting.

Johanna then tells him that they decided not to associate with Claudine. She adds that if Claudine left, the firm would need someone experienced who could retain its most important clientele. Guilhem seems interested, he asks Johanna questions about the remuneration envisaged.

Later, at the office, Johanna and Florent have a discussion with Claudine. Although they are flattered by her proposal, Johanna announces to Claudine that they think this is not the right time to become partners. Claudine does not understand. She thought she had made them an interesting proposition. Florent then explains that the firm is still young, it is difficult to estimate its fair value and they do not want Claudine to pay too much for it. Claudine insists: she is ready to take the risk. But Florent and Johanna do not disassemble. Johanna suggests reconsidering Claudine’s offer within a year.

Claudine does not see how the situation will change within a year. Johanna is therefore obliged to announce to him that Guilhem will join them as a collaborator, and not as a partner. They hope to recover some of its customers. Annoyed, Claudine gives them an appointment in a year.

Once Claudine leaves the office, Florent congratulates Johanna. According to him, she did well to temporize. He adds that he is surprised that Claudine did not talk about leaving the firm. Johanna thinks it will be sporty with the arrival of Guilhem. But Florent wants to stay positive: they will manage to channel them, despite their strong characters.

Later, Claudine tells her disappointment to Alix. This one is surprised. She thought that everything was going very well with Johanna and Florent and that the firm was a hit. What Claudine confirms, adding that he is a hit thanks to her. She doesn’t understand that they don’t trust her after all she’s done for them, she finds it ugly. Alix asks her if she intends to leave the firm. Claudine is offended. She refuses to give in and seems determined to make life difficult for her collaborators.

Sandra offers Dimitri a job

In the premises of the tempting agency, Dimitri explains to Claudine that he got Sandra’s phone number and that they got closer. Eve then recounts how she came up with the idea of ​​aggression. She discovered that Sandra’s father was a failed artist and that she suffered from his being marginalized. Eve therefore bet that Sandra was not going to put up with Dimitri being humiliated. Claudine congratulates her tempters and advises them to continue investigating Sandra’s fidelity. With a single watchword: be imaginative.

Eve calls her client, Guillaume, and informs him of the progress of the mission. So far, they have no evidence of infidelity. Guillaume gets annoyed and asks him to speed things up. He does not intend to delay his marriage because the tempters take their time. Eve insists: they must not go too fast so as not to attract Sandra’s attention.

Dimitri, for his part, comes to see Sandra at the store. He pretends to be shot because of his money worries. Sandra advises him not to give up and offers him a job at the store to help him, 20 hours a week. Dmitri hesitates. After all, he is not a salesman. But Sandra asks him to stop thinking: he is passionate about music and that will help him get his head above water.

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