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In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil”…While Claudine is determined to seduce Alain, Jacques is arrested.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast tomorrow evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday, August 5 in such a big sun


During a bike ride, Alain informs Becker that his ex-wife is representing him in her complaint story. Although surprised, the policeman knows that Claudine is a good lawyer. Besides, whether with men or magistrates, she always ends up getting what she wants.

Later, Claudine goes to the campsite to meet Valéry Blamont. If he claims at first that he is in great shape, he then complains of excruciating pain when he learns that she is Doctor Alphand’s lawyer. As she leaves, Claudine meets Gary and makes him believe that she is her colleague’s distant cousin. During the discussion, Inès’ father reveals that Blamont fell from a stepladder while changing a light bulb. Claudine therefore understands that Valéry was injured well before crossing his client’s car.

For her part, Elisabeth invites Alain to an exhibition at the end of the day. Unfortunately, the doctor declines because he has to meet Claudine to discuss his file. Suffice to say that the businesswoman struggles to hide her jealousy and that she would have preferred that the lawyer give her an appointment at working hours.

Subsequently, Alain joined Claudine in her office. Without waiting, she informs him that Blamont was already injured before their paths crossed. Claudine therefore wants to attack him for false testimony and attempted fraud. Only, Alain does not want to go to trial. If he withdraws his complaint, that will be enough for him. She then promises to call her colleague to tell him that they have solid elements. Before he leaves, the lawyer invites him to have a drink but Alain refuses, claiming to have something planned already.

Disappointed, Claudine goes to see Alix. Certain that she will be able to seduce him over time, the lawyer intends to use her file to achieve her ends.

Meanwhile, Alain offers Elisabeth a huge bouquet of flowers to make up for it.


Marc hasn’t slept all night. Although he is still angry, he feels guilty for saying horrible things to his father. Myriam then tries to reassure him by saying that she is certain that things will eventually work out.

Later, Myriam goes to L. Cosmétiques and informs Élisabeth that she does not agree to file a complaint against Jacques. Indeed, the young woman explains that they do not need to go so far to cancel her contract. Unfortunately, Elisabeth has already spoken to their lawyers and a complaint was filed in the morning. Myriam then criticizes him for not having warned her, all the more so since she is the one who now runs this company. Before closing the subject definitively, Elisabeth points out to him that if they do not dissociate themselves from this scam, they will not be covered legally.

At the same time, the troubles continue for Jacques since Laetitia also files a complaint against him on behalf of the bank for which she works. At worst, Jacques contacts Léonore and realizes that he is on the brink of losing everything: his farm and his family. For Léonore, Marc has always admired her and everything will be back to normal. Jacques then thanks her for being present for him.

For her part, Kira observes Louis getting closer to one of his clients who openly flirts with him. Annoyed, the teenager throws a fit of jealousy at Mourre’s son before leaving the tennis club. Once he has caught up with her, Louis tries to understand what is going on but Kira, who is irritated, sends him packing and joins Enzo to whom she tells her situation with Louis. Understanding that his little sister has a crush, Enzo affirms that Louis feels the same for her. This is why he encourages her to take the first step.

At nightfall, Elise and Akim arrive at Jacques’s and ask him to follow him to the police station.

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