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Meeting with the interpreter of Gaëlle Lestrac, back in “un Si Grand Soleil” since the beginning of the year. An ambivalent character who had marked the viewers of the daily newspaper of France 2.

Gaëlle Lestrac is back in Such a big sun, almost two years after its first appearance. How did you get back into service?

Hélène Degy: It really makes me happy, because I had never had the experience of making a character last over time and being able to make him evolve. I find it very enriching, and it’s also a pretty crazy adventure because it was two years ago already! She’s a character that I’ve been lucky to defend, in a lot of different registers, whether it’s comedy, then drama, romance … And being able to bring her back to life, that excites me a lot. as an actress. We had to wait a bit for the writers to find credibility when Gaëlle returned; besides, she is still in prison, she has not completely redeemed her faults!

Convicted of having killed André Faure and tried to assassinate Jo, Gaëlle finds herself involved in the investigation into the shooting that took place during the ceremony in honor of Becker. The police suspect the killer of having wanted to target Alex, and Gaëlle serves a potential suspect on a set to Manu. Will she try to take advantage of the situation to try to get out of the game?

Exactly. I’m just defending my character of course, but it’s a way for her to redeem herself and get some relief. She takes advantage of the situation, and tries to see Alex again, who is the love of her life and with whom she is sincerely in love. After that, it is true that in terms of scenario, one could believe in things a little fuzzy or in a merry-go-round in view of what she could have done in the past, but wrongly! (laughs)

Indeed, because we have seen how far Gaëlle was able to lie in order to achieve her ends. One can wonder if she still has feelings for Axel and that the accusations he makes her really hurt her, or if on the contrary she is still preparing a step ahead …

It’s not a step ahead … But we always have a doubt with this character! It’s great to play with that ambiguity. In any case, Gaëlle is in prison today. She has no family, no one comes to see her except a madman every now and then … Alex is the only person she can really hold on to. I think she’s pulling the strings of their relationship a bit to see if he’d be able to fall for her again, because she still loves him. Their love was very strong, and everything she did behind it was despite herself. She had to go through this, it was her “hidden” black part, and she had to avenge her father, to the detriment of her love affair with Axel. I think she regrets what happened, and being alone in prison shouldn’t be easy for her. Afterwards, the writers always have surprises in store for us! When I started playing Gaëlle, she was healthy, super-cop, in love, and everything that followed from that, I discovered through the scenarios. This is also what makes me say today that her romantic feelings are sincere, and this is how I play her and defend her. But things can always change!

If Gaëlle were to become a recurring character, would you be ready to accept or would you prefer to keep a certain freedom compared to filming a daily newspaper, which can be very addicting?

To tell you the truth, the basic deal was that I was shooting these three months two years ago on a full character arch and that Gaëlle would not come back. On a personal note, I wrote to the authors to communicate my desire to return, and following that, his return was created, leaving wide open doors in relation to that. Personally, I will be delighted; Admittedly it can be time consuming, but the rhythm of the arches allows you to focus on the focus on different groups of characters in turn. I have the impression that it leaves the possibility of doing other things alongside. But it would tempt me to live a season or two of recurrence!

How did your attempts to join the cast of Un Si Grand Soleil go?

I had presented the cast for the role of Mélanie Maudran, and I was in the last, I was called back several times for tests with the characters of Théo, Julien Bastide, it was very far in the process itself if I haven’t been taken. Team members told me I tagged them and they would call me back for something else. We are often told that in casting, but the lyrics are not necessarily kept; and there, six months later, they called me to offer me the role of Gaëlle. I meet the writers, but I have to make a choice fairly quickly because I was cast for another role at the same time. hes tell me about the character, and itit is me that we are trying to convince this time, unlike the first castings! (laughs) This meeting touched me a lot because it put me in touch with the writers and creators of the series, and I immediately loved the character in the way he was described to me. It also proves that they trust us when they have fallen in love with an actor.

What are your upcoming projects on the sidelines of Un Si Grand Soleil?

For a long time I played a show called The fear, adapted from a play by Stefan Zweig, thanks to which I was nominated in the Female Revelation category at Molières. Thanks to that, the show remained on the bill for a long time, we played several seasons in Paris and made several tours, it was a huge adventure that ended last year. Then I was on tour with The Ortiz Family by Jean-Philippe Daguerre, it stopped with everything that is happening, obviously. And if not, I have only one on stage in preparation. It’s a project that I have been carrying for a long time and which is very exciting, I can’t wait to get into preparation in relation to that but for the moment I have to arm myself in terms of organization and production, and Make sure that we can not repeat in a vacuum because currently everything is a little frozen. But I can’t wait!

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