Un Si Grand Soleil: “Eve is going to take revenge” according to Emma Colberti

If Eliott is ready to do anything in his mission to bring down Alicia, Eve takes a very dim view. Emma Colberti, his interpreter, returns for us on this new intrigue which will be at the heart of the next episodes of Un si grand Soleil.

Un si grand soleil: "eve is going to take revenge" according to emma colberti

Allociné: It was a great year for Eve in “Un Si Grand Soleil”. After a very difficult separation with Virgil, she falls into Justine’s arms and then joins forces with her son in the cigarette trade. What conclusions do you draw from this past year and the evolution of your character?

Emma Colberti : The death of Léa (Marthe Fieschi) and the very accusing gaze of Virgil (Fred Bianconi) were a trigger in the evolution of Eve. I find that it really changed the situation in her personality and that it is from then on that she operated a switch. After Lea’s death and her break-up with Virgil, which she experienced as a real trauma, Eve left to explore other aspects of her personality that she had kept under cover for years. Little by little, she reveals herself and takes risks. I have the impression that she said “stop” in order to explore other areas of herself which are what she is deep down.

In recent months, Eve has taken a new turn in her life. Decided to focus on herself, she seems despite everything slowed down in her momentum compared to her money laundering activities with her son …

Personally, I don’t think it’s so much the story around money laundering that is holding Eve back in her life. It is rather his relationship with Eliott (Stéphane Monpetit). I think the day Eve cuts Ariadne’s thread with her son, she will free herself and be reborn in her own life. She will have an emotional life, find a lover. There are things that are going to happen. Although she has Virgil, Eve has practically nothing but her relationship with her son in life. I tell myself that it’s not normal that she is so focused on him. I don’t know Eve’s whole life but I wonder if she didn’t have a fatherly emotional lack to act this way with her son.

Eve is at the heart of a new family intrigue and sees the arrival of Alicia (Muriel Combeau) in her son’s life with a very negative eye. If they admit to each other that they do not love each other, they still make efforts for their children. What can you tell us about the future of the relationship between these two women and will they eventually settle their scores?

As a mother, Eve suspects that her son has feelings for Sam (Montaine Frégeai) but she also aims for him to accomplish his mission for the prosecutor. Eve finds common ground with Alicia because she wants to save her son from prison. She doesn’t like this woman because she was André’s mistress. It’s very feminine and she’s going to rely on whatever happens for revenge.

Can we say that they hate each other only because they loved the same man or is their disagreement much deeper than that?

I’m not sure Alicia hates Eve. It goes beyond the fact that she was her husband’s mistress. It’s who she is and what she represents that she doesn’t like. Even if she gets a little confused, Eve has values ​​and Alicia represents their opposite. I’m not sure Alicia has this deep hatred for Eve, but she doesn’t have a high regard for her either. Beyond everything that is going on, Eve sees her son escape her by marrying Sam. It also comes into play. He becomes the adopted son of another mother somewhere and that clearly plays out for Eve. There’s this side where she thinks Alicia is stealing her son from her.

Un si grand soleil: "eve is going to take revenge" according to emma colberti

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This plot revolves around the theme of the family. Can we expect to discover a family secret?

Yes, there is a family secret that is going to be revealed that Eve is not aware of. Eliott is really going to fall in love with Sam, it’s no longer just a deal with the DA to save his skin. It will take on proportions that will modify the initial pact.

You can feel Eve torn between the desire to help her son accomplish his mission and the desire to preserve Sam’s feelings. What is Eve going to do about it?

She is going to meet Sam and will appreciate him very much. Eve does not want her son to make this young woman suffer but at the same time it will take the path since he has this mission to fulfill for the prosecutor. Eve is really torn. And this is where the paradox settles in the character because she cannot move towards a life made of lies while keeping the values ​​which are hers and which she defends above all. She’s going to be confronted with this and it’s going to cause her to have to let go of something.

Virgil and Justine are the only two other people to know about Eliott’s work for the prosecutor. Will they end up getting involved in this story and what roles will they play?

Justine (Dorylia Calmel) is quite close to the prosecutor. It is she who will have the most influence vis-à-vis him. For his part, Virgil will try to stay very far from this whole story because his head can fall at any time. He will advise Eve while having confidence in her but it is Justine who will have a role, even if it will not be huge either. Either way, it’s Eve who has all the cards in her hand and she’s the one who’s going to bring them down. I played this whole plot with my leg in a cast. I fell while doing the Boyard Land show. I have used this somewhat crippling state a lot for my game and for other things. It was interesting, it led me to suggest something else.

Eve has experienced many upheavals on the heart side. Can we hope to see her find love again?

I don’t know but I really wish him. I hope she will find love and find someone who balances it out. A real pillar and not someone who is manipulative or that she risks losing. Eve is someone who has a tendency to hurt herself and that’s what I find interesting to defend about her. I do wish him to find someone who helps him heal his wounds and who soothes him at the same time. It would be nice.

The audience of Un si grand soleil seems very attached to the couple formed by Virgil and Eve. Could the fact that they work together in the cigarette smuggling bring them closer together and do you think they can get back together someday?

This new plot will bring them together in a friendly way. In any case, their bond is unwavering. They love each other, there is no doubt about it. Are they going to get back together? I do not believe. I have the impression that this is the kind of love story where they will love each other all their lives, but it is a love that will become almost brotherly. I don’t think they can get back together. There was too much trauma. For Virgil, Eve will remind him all the time and unconsciously of Leah’s death. It is indelible. And then I think it’s not good for them to get back together, we have to move forward and keep moving forward. They will always have this link. The authors will continue to write things where we are in bond together, where we manage to smile and love each other but through something else I think.

Despite the current context, do you have other projects in parallel with Un si grand soleil that you can tell us about?

My fracture did not allow me to pass auditions and castings. For now, I am in this physical phase of recovery. I’m going to get back into the circuits but not before this summer anyway.

Interview by telephone on February 4, 2021.

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