Un Si Grand Soleil: Claire (Mélanie Maudran) soon back in a new plot …

In the next episodes of Un Si Grand Soleil, the nurse will once again be at the heart of an ethical questioning in the hospital when one of his patients, suffering from cancer, will want to stop his therapy.

After addressing the theme of euthanasia this summer in Un Si Grand Soleil, the daily newspaper of France 2 will again confront the character of Claire, played by Mélanie Maudran, with a medical case that will ask ethical questions in the hospital where she works as a nurse.

“On is on a new case of a patient who is terminally ill with a Cancer“, revealed the actress to us last September at the La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival. “It raises the same debate as the plot aired this summer, and I think we will work a lot around the internal life of the hospital.

In the episode broadcast on Friday, December 10, Claire will take care of Jérôme Leclerc (played by Albert Goldberg), a patient with stage 3 pancreatic cancer. Her results are not good, Janet wants to continue her radiotherapy protocol, which has one week left to complete.

Knowing that he is doomed, Jérôme does not understand this relentless treatment, and asks to go home. Claire then encourages her patient to hang on. Speaking with him, she learns that he has virtually no family and no children, except for a distant cousin.

After risking her place by accepting that one of her elderly patients, who was suffering from a heart problem, not to be resuscitated in the event of a new heart attack, will Claire again be in trouble with a patient who refuses treatment?

“TOJust as we can shed light on what goes on in a police station, there is real life inside a hospital, among the staff hospital“continues Mélanie Maudran. “DSerious moments, funny moments, serious moments … There is a real life, a real atmosphere. And that, I think the authors left to shed more light. ”

This new medical intrigue will also be an opportunity for Claire to get closer to Hélène, the new head nurse who arrived in the series several months ago. The two women will get to know each other and befriend each other; the opportunity for Claire to discover a touching and lonely woman behind her role as superior.

Played by Sophie Le Tellier, Hélène joined the hospital arena this year in the company of several new recurring characters: the caregivers David (Quentin Gratias) and Yasmine (Soria Moufakkir), Anissa’s mother has been present since the beginning of the series, but also Arthur Bastide (Auguste Yvon), who does a small job there thanks to Alain, while waiting to be able to resume his medical studies.

Yes, there are people returning, David, Yasmine … All these actors who have come to join the hospital team. We also have a new decor, it all falls a bit at the same time. There is a real desire to develop the intrigues around the hospital“adds Mélanie Maudran.

As for Janet Lewis, one of the hospital doctors played by Tonya Kinzinger for two years, the actress would like to be able to play with her more often, and develop the relationship between their characters.

IThere is a distance between Janet and Claire, but there is also a respect which is interesting to deepen with her, and maybe a relationship a little more familiar. She is married to the grandfather of my stepson Enzo; therefore, we almost have a filial link, indirectly. Maybe it will also be exploited, around communal dinners which could be a little funny.

Claire, in a relationship with lawyer Florent Graçay (Fabrice Deville), now forms a blended family with their two children, Enzo (Teïlo Azaïs) and Kira (Coline Ramos-Pinto), a young girl from a home they have collected a year ago.

Today, it is almost the most common family pattern. Until then, we were a young couple who may have tested the waters a bit, but now there are four of us, we can consider that we are a real blended family. So, we will surely more develop the relationship with children, daily life. “

Find Un Si Grand Soleil every evening at 8:40 p.m. on France 2 and a preview on SALTO

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