Un Si Grand Soleil: “Cécile is not going to stop there with Christophe” reveals Marie-Gaëlle Cals

Christophe uses trickery to divert the police’s suspicions in Un si grand soleil. But will he escape justice? Will Cécile end up stopping her husband? Marie-Gaëlle Cals spoke to Allociné about the continuation of this plot.

As the noose tightens around him, Christophe (Hubert Benhamdine) uses cunning to divert suspicion. Convinced that her husband is the serial killer that everyone is looking for, Cécile (Marie-Gaëlle Cals) did not hesitate to carry out her little investigation in Un si grand soleil.

But as suspicions slowly dissipate, will Christophe really succeed in escaping justice? For her part, will Cécile really stop doubting her husband?

Marie-Gaëlle Cals, the interpreter of Judge Alphand, spoke to Allociné about the continuation of this plot full of twists and turns.

Allociné: How do you see Cécile’s evolution since your arrival in Un si grand soleil?

I always found that there was a mystery around Cécile because she still retains this function of judge. There is a kind of shell around her which is interesting, especially when the intrigues allow her to crack the armor a little. He is a character who is not very emotional and sentimental. I find it interesting because as soon as you can let a little life escape it has all the more flavor.

Un Si Grand Soleil Cecile is not going to stop

If we go back to the beginning of the story between Cécile and Christophe, the latter was not yet a serial killer. When reading the script, were you surprised by the trajectory of this character and what this couple would become?

Completely ! It’s true that at the very beginning of their history, we didn’t know. It was mysterious. We built very cold atmospheres. I’m quite happy with the evolution because the work we did with Hubert certainly inspired the authors. In any case, I’m happy to have reached this paroxysmal situation.

Are you happy that Cécile finally has suspicions about Christophe?

Oh yes ! I’ve always held on to the fact that she has an instinct and that she has a function that sharpens that. In the game, I was always wondering. So it’s not visible, but for me it gave me extra material to play scenes. I am delighted that we are lowering the masks a little. It was about time because it’s true that she was being led around a bit. It’s good that she’s taking back the reins a little.

A question is burning on the lips of all spectators at the moment: are we going to witness a confrontation between Christophe and Cécile?

There will be a very small confrontation but it will pass fairly quickly. The police will go on another track. So we’re not going to get the resolution of the plot. We’re going to see Christophe and Cécile a little bit in their daily lives. So I wondered how I was going to play this after everything that had just happened. In my opinion, if a woman has a doubt at a given moment, she keeps it. Cécile will sweep the dust under the carpet for the moment since in any case, the evidence is not against Christophe but against Father Sylvio. She’s going to stick with this solution for now but I don’t think she’s going to stop there.

So Cécile and Christophe’s marriage is no longer in danger for the moment?

I don’t know. For the moment I don’t have any scenes with Christophe. There are perhaps small twists and turns that will happen but which I don’t know yet.

Would you like it to be Cécile who ends up unmasking and arresting Christophe?

That would be quite logical. In any case, it would be in line with the character. I don’t think she could compromise with this idea at all, even if it’s painful. It would be painful on many levels. We would be beyond a simple betrayal. There is still a big pathology there. And then, what will become of Cécile after discovering that Christophe is The Florist? It’s going to be interesting to explore because we’re still dealing with heavy stuff here.

At the same time, a lovely story is being written between Achilles (Matthew Rodriguez) and Cécile since their bond is consolidated. In fact, the teenager recently called her mom for the first time. It was not won at the beginning. How will this relationship evolve over the episodes?

I hope their bond will strengthen. She forms a natural bond with Achilles. I think Cécile had the intelligence not to force things. She quickly understood that she could not replace her mother and that it was a very sensitive subject for Achille. I find that there is a nice relationship of complicity that is established.

We feel that Cécile is flourishing in this new role of mother. Since she is married and a mother, we even have the feeling that the shell of your character has finally cracked. Do you appreciate being able to now explore several facets of Cécile?

Completely. It was not won at the start. There wasn’t really a title for this character. I discover Cécile through the texts and intrigues. I don’t necessarily want to make her sympathetic but I have the impression that it’s her sense of justice that emanates from her. He is someone who is fairly fair, who has common sense, who does not allow himself to be walked on and who is not haughty either. We speak of her as a judge who is fair and who is not abusive. Little by little, I find her much more human. She reveals herself and I am delighted. I’m really happy to put a lot more life into this character. I hope that the authors will move more and more in this direction.

Even if Cécile begins to reveal herself, she is a character that we know relatively little about. Would you like the writers to dig into your character’s past?

Completely. I think that’s what Cécile lacks. I think she still has a lot to say and there would be a lot to play on her past. That would be very interesting.

Generally speaking, what awaits Cécile after this big arch around Christophe?

Cécile will continue her mission as a judge on a few intrigues while waiting for a meeting a little later in the year to explore this issue around the Florist.

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