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Damien (Julien Floreancig), a character well known to fans of the flagship Montpellier soap opera, will soon make his big comeback in “Un si grand soleil” and in a rather unexpected way.

Please note that this article contains spoilers for future episodes of Un si grand soleil. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

Disappeared from the radar since his love affair with Bilal (Malik Elakehal El Miliani) and his clandestine relationship with Lucille (Naïma Rodric), Damien (Julien Floreancig) will make his comeback on Tuesday 1er June in Un si grand soleil. It is also in a very specific context that this character known to fans of the Montpellier soap opera will make his comeback on our screens.

While Mo (Frédérique Kamatari), Maryline (Élisabeth Margoni), Sofia (Marie-Clotilde Ramos-Ibanez), Antonin (Nathan Bensoussan) and Anissa (Siham Falhouse) are at the heart of an investigation into the death of Lila Marquant, David (Quentin Gratias) may well be the key to unlocking this stalling affair. However, fearing that his wife would find out where he really was at the time of the incident, the nurse refused to give his testimony to the police.

Indeed, as he has been cheating on his companion for a while now, David does not want his testimony to break up his marriage. If everything leads to believe that the nurse has a mistress, it is in fact with a lover that he spends most of his free time. And what a lover! According to our colleagues from News Actual, it would be neither more nor less of Damien, the ex of Bilal.

While David will have to make a choice between his wife and her lover, will Damien’s return be an opportunity for the writers of the series to give the Damien-Bilal couple a new chance? Answer soon in Un si grand soleil on France 2!

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