Un Si Grand Soleil: Becker’s ex-wife arrives in the series

Jennifer radier

Jennifer radier

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Every evening she travels between Sète, Calvières and Montpellier from her sofa. Tomorrow belongs to us, Here everything begins and Un si grand Soleil have almost no secrets for her.

The actress Catherine Wilkening joins the cast of Un Si Grand Soleil and will very soon take her first steps on the daily soap opera of France 2.

While fans of Un Si Grand Soleil are held in suspense by a breathless plot around the death of Elsa (Julie Boulanger) whose outcome will seal the departure of Jérémy Banster, the Montpellier soap opera will welcome a whole new face in the next weeks.

According to the Télé Star magazine which appeared on newsstands this week, actress Catherine Wilkening joined the successful series in the role of the ex-wife of Commissioner Becker (Yvon Back). Exceptional arch or recurring role over time? The future will tell.

Un si grand soleil: becker's ex-wife arrives in the series


The 57-year-old actress, known among other things for having lent her features to Nanou in Le Coeur des hommes, will make her first appearance under the Languedoc sun in the month of August. If no other information has yet been communicated, there is no doubt that this new character will come to sow trouble in the very peaceful life of the policeman. Suffice to say that his married life with Janet (Tony Kinzinger), with whom he has shared his life for several months now, may well experience some turmoil.

Why is Becker’s ex-wife back in Montpellier? Should we expect Janet to have a new rival? All the answers will be followed soon in Un si grand soleil.

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