Un Si Grand Soleil: an unexpected marriage soon in the series?

For several weeks now, Eliott (Stéphane Monpetit) has made his comeback in Un Si Grand Soleil. After a stint in prison for drug trafficking and a stint as aescort boy, the son of Eve Prodi has gradually switched to illicit activities by setting up trafficking in cigarettes with Virgil. Following an agreement with the prosecutor Bernier to prevent him from returning behind bars, Eliott accepted a mission: to get closer to the businesswoman Alicia Boisseron, suspected of tax evasion and money laundering.

Such a big sun

Such a big sun

Released on

August 27, 2018



Such a big sun

Melanie Maudran,
Jeremy Banster,
Moses Santamaria,
Emma Colberti,
Valerie Kaprisky

To this end, Eliott meets Sam (Montaine Frégeai), Alicia’s daughter. After quickly getting closer to her, Eliott, pushed by the prosecutor to obtain new more conclusive evidence against his mother, finishes seducing Sam, and offers to marry him following a bet. Against all expectations, the young woman accepts! But will the wedding take place?

In an exclusive extract on the site of Leisure TV, we see in fact the young couple leaving a town hall in wedding attire, all smiles in front of their loved ones. What was originally a challenge will he materialize in a true love story, to the point that Eliott compromises his mission? Will he be ready to jeopardize his feelings for Sam? You will find out in the next episodes of Un Si Grand Soleil on France 2!