Un Si Grand Soleil: an emblematic character is going to die on TV

Un si grand soleil: an emblematic character is going to die on tv

While the episode of Friday August 19 will already be marked by the departure of Maryline, another key character will leave the series following a tragic death.

Warning, this article contains many spoilers on the next episodes of Un si grand soleil. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

It’s a very sad end to the summer that awaits the viewers ofsuch a big sun !

While the episode of Friday August 19 will be marked by Maryline’s departurethe faithful of the daily soap opera of France 2 will also have to say goodbye to an emblematic character who will unfortunately meet a tragic end.

A few weeks ago, our colleagues from Télé Star had announced the bad news in the columns of their magazine. “By the end of the summer, a character in place for more than two years will in turn meet a disastrous fate. The investigation entrusted to Alex Lévy (Benjamin Bourgois) will experience many twists and affect Elisabeth (Chrystelle Labaud)”.

On his side, Olivier Szulzyngerthe series’ screenwriter, recently explained, “When we knew that this character had to leave quickly at the request of his interpreter, we had to rethink the scheme“. And add “We thought of an assassination because it allowed us to reshuffle the cards and bring great emotions to those who gravitate around”.


From cashier to general manager of L. Cosmétiques, passing through a few burglaries at night with her sidekick Claire (Melanie Maudran), Myriam Lévy (Pauline Paolini) has established herself over the past two years as a key character in Un si grand soleil.

While Elisabeth’s little protege had found love in Marc’s arms (Cesar Meric) even to the point of imagining having a baby with him, Jacques Mourre’s suicide attempt (Olivier Pages) came to tarnish this idyllic picture.

It must be said that fate has been hounding the Mourre family for a few days while Jacques is still in a coma without showing the slightest sign of waking up. And if Marc must therefore prepare for the idea of ​​losing his father, he is far from imagining that the worst is yet to come.

In the episode which will be broadcast Friday evening on France 2, and already available on Salto, Louis (Sylvain Boccara) will break into the L. Cosmétiques warehouse with a can of gasoline. While pouring the cash on the company’s merchandise, the teenager hears a noise.

At the same time, Myriam and Berthier (Khalid Maadour) finish working on the provisional budget. As it is late, Myriam finally decides to go home for dinner alone with Marc. As she enters the company’s parking lot, the general manager notices that the warehouse door is open. She then decides to go and check that no intruder has entered.

A few hours later, Berthier receives a call from Marc worried that his companion has still not returned. Noticing that Myriam’s car is still parked in the parking lot, the accountant heads for the warehouse, the door of which is still open. Inside, he makes a gruesome discovery and Miriam’s lifeless body lies on the floor in a pool of blood.

A death that obviously promises to upset many characters in A so big sun.

Could Louis have killed his stepmother to avenge his grandfather? Jade (Shemss Audat), freshly arrived at L. Cosmétiques, would she have committed a robbery that went wrong? Or should we expect a less obvious culprit? Enough to open an investigation that will not fail to keep viewers of Un si grand soleil in suspense for the next few weeks.

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