Un Si Grand Soleil: “Alice is going to go and stay away for a while” says Maëlle Mietton – News Séries

Un Si Grand Soleil: “Alice is going to go and stay away for a while” says Maëlle Mietton – News Séries

While the flagship couple of Un si grand soleil separates, Maëlle Mietton, the interpreter of Alice, returns for us on this year rich in emotions and on what awaits her character in the next episodes of the series.

Allociné: These last months Alice has found her father and her brother, her daughter has left the nest and now she is leaving Julien. What conclusions do you draw from this year?

Maelle Mietton : It was a year full of emotions for Alice. It is perhaps the result of a quarantine. From the start, the character of Alice has had the chance to be developed a lot and it is true that she has a rather intense dramaturgical journey. It is often about intrigues which engage a lot of emotions, dramas and which move her deeply. As the writers have created a past of abandonment for her, we are starting to understand a little better what that means for her. She is a somewhat tormented woman who made herself all alone but who at the same time managed to anchor herself by succeeding in her life. Often in writing, events are quite abrupt and you have to find anchors. For the departure of Manon (Mélanie Robert), Alice has strong reactions. The writing wanted Alice to react badly because it triggered other events like her breakup with Julien (Jérémy Banster). It’s a tear for Alice. She is aware that the family cocoon is now over. She is immediately in reality, she immediately understands what is happening and what it will cause. Hence a violent emotional reaction. It might be a bit brutal for viewers, but Alice makes straightforward, no-frills choices. It’s her way of experiencing things. She is used to experiencing strong emotions so she does not procrastinate. She experiences it right away rather than being in denial.

The separation of Alice and Julien marks the end of an era in Un si grand soleil. It is now a new era which begins for the Bastide clan but also for you. Personally, isn’t it too difficult not to play daily with Jérémy Banster and Auguste Yvon, actors with whom you show a great bond on screen and in the city?

This is obviously a lack. We will continue to play together but it will be less recurrent. They remain a family. With Jérémy Banster, we really defended a form of relationship maturity in the separation of Alice and Julien. There is a real deep love between them. They are smarter to live it that way than to stop calculating themselves. I think that in the game, it will be less recurrent but we will continue to cross paths. But indeed, it is a passage, the end of something. It’s like a real family relationship with the actors. The more intense the relationship over time, the more difficult it is to break up. Even if that doesn’t mean that emotions can be just as strong in shorter relationships.

In the last episodes, Alice and Julien put an end to their story. How will their relationship evolve in the next episodes?

Julien will launch into a new relationship fairly quickly and Alice does not see it too badly. As there are events that surround this relationship, she has more of a supportive role vis-à-vis Julien. Even though she made the choice to end her marriage, it is a step for Alice. She’s going to take time for herself. I still have three days of filming at the end of January and then I have a break in the series as an actress. Alice will take a small hermitage in Lozère for a few weeks to go green and take a step back. It is quite current. It looks like the journey of some women between 40 and 50 who after a while decide to take time for themselves and enjoy.

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In recent months, Arthur has been marked by the incessant arguments of his parents and the sudden departure of his sister. While he is very angry with his mother for the separation, how will the relationship between Alice and her son develop?

It will be sorted out pretty quickly. It is normal for Arthur to attack his mother, she is the only one who can receive this emotion. It will calm down but Arthur will be less well because he will have difficulty accepting his father’s relationship with his new partner. But with Alice, they remain in touch. When Alice goes to stand aside, Arthur will show understanding and these steps will make him grow up.

Despite the implosion of her family, Alice seems to be in harmony with her decision. As a new life begins, she is more smiling, more peaceful and has just moved into her brother’s apartment. What direction will she now give to her life?

I don’t know, we’ll see after Lozère. I have not yet had the opportunity to discuss it with the writers. I have been very happy with Alice’s development for two and a half years but I needed a break because it is intense and physical work. Even if it remains a character, it is not nothing to go through all these ordeals. There is a lot of emotional involvement. It is a real sporting journey. I needed to recharge my batteries and recharge my batteries. I will be able to return with all the more energy and freshness.

Recently, Alice got closer to Ludo (Folco Marchi). Since the latter is also going through a complicated period with Johanna, can we expect to see them form more than just a friendship?

It’s something the writers have nurtured from the start. They play on this ground but I don’t know at all at the moment. Based on the last few scenes I shot, I’m not sure Alice is ready to jump into a new story that quickly. In any case, it is not a priority. A forty-year-old woman like Alice may have other goals than to start a new life with someone. I find it quite nice to defend that point of view.

Alice discovered her past not long ago. As her own family has just collapsed, will she seek to develop her bond with her father and brother?

As I’m going on a break, I don’t know. In the last scenes I’m shooting now, there is no trace of that. We’re really going to be on the cusp of a new life for Alice. But it would make sense for the writers to develop this link later. It’s great to work with Sébastien Landry and it was a pleasure to tour with Jean-François Stévenin. It is magnificent the transmission between actors. They are great, I really enjoyed working with them and will enjoy doing it again.

Do you have other projects besides Un si grand soleil that you can tell us about?

I have a bit of a hyperactive mode. I like to do a lot of things at the same time and that’s how I thrive. Such a bright sun has given me visibility to develop my work as an actress and I thank them deeply. I shot in season 9 of Candice Renoir where I play the role of Penelope, a captain of the drugs, in several episodes. It was a great experience and a great pleasure to meet this great team. I have also just finished filming the fifth episode of The Voyageur with Bruno Debrandt. I play Elise, a commissioner, the first female character in the series. I found the script well written and well constructed, it was a real pleasure. These are great audiovisual adventures. Besides that, I have a theater company, M is for magic. We are currently working on “Méchant!”, A little play for children by Anne Sylvestre, the first performances of which should take place in March if the context allows it. I also work with many orchestras on educational concerts where I re-adapt well-known tales to classical music. In parallel, I am developing a hybrid project combining both classical music and hip hop with the Avignon orchestra. I really have a foot in every sector. Finally, I am currently on a staging with the Junior Opera in Montpellier.

Interview by telephone on January 11, 2021.

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