Un Si Grand Soleil: after Elsa, another character soon found dead [SPOILERS]

Un si grand soleil: after elsa, another character soon found dead [spoilers]

As the investigation into the tragic death of Elsa (Julie Boulanger) progresses rapidly, another character is on the verge of a doom in the next episodes of Un si grand soleil.

Warning, this article contains many spoilers for the next episodes of Un si grand soleil. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

For several weeks, the faithful of Un si grand soleil have been held in suspense by the investigation into the death of Elsa (Julie Boulanger). And as much to say that the fans of the daily Montpellier soap opera are not at the end of their surprises.

Since that tragic night, Julien has experienced a terrible descent into hell and unfortunately, things are not ready to work out for him. Indeed, according to our colleagues from News Actual, the Bastide son will fall into a terrible trap while another character will soon find death.

Refusing to see her son spend the next thirty years behind bars, Elisabeth (Chrystelle Labaude) organizes her run with the help of Guilhem (Manuel Blanc). But it is wasted effort since Julien does not intend to run away. The latter, who has complete confidence in justice, intends rather to prove his innocence. Moreover, when he receives an enigmatic anonymous SMS promising to reveal the identity of Elsa’s killer, Julien runs to the meeting, even if it means violating his house arrest.

At the same time, the police continue their investigations and rightly suspect Wilson (Kamini) of being Elsa’s murderer. Understanding that the investigators are on his heels, he puts pressure on Baudry (Alexandre Zambeaux) to recover his share of the diamonds and thus be able to leave the country as quickly as possible. As he opposes him with an end of receivability, Wilson threatens to swing him once to the shelter. Gaëtan then changes his mind and then agrees to leave with him in the coming days.

Shortly after, Julien goes to the address indicated in the SMS without imagining for a moment that it is a trap. In fact, he goes to Wilson Samba who is under police surveillance. As Julien enters the building, Elise (Malya Roman) notices him and immediately alerts her colleagues. While the police arrive on site, Julien discovers Wilson’s lifeless body by the pool.

Would Baudry have tricked Julien into making him endorse Wilson’s assassination? One thing is certain, the coming days do not bode well for Elizabeth’s son. What make him want to re-examine his mother’s proposal to get out of this new impasse? Answer soon in Un si grand soleil.

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