Un Si Grand Soleil: a new police intrigue around the death of a student - News Séries on TV

Un Si Grand Soleil: a new police intrigue around the death of a student – News Séries on TV

In the next episodes of the soap opera, the death of a young woman victim of an assault will plunge several characters into turmoil. Witnesses of the scene, they will feel guilty for not having reacted in time …

Fabien MALOT – FTV

While viewers of Un Si Grand Soleil will finally find out what happened to Maria at the end of an investigation in which Sabine (Gaëla le Dévéhat) found herself involved, a new shocking intrigue will start in the episode of Monday, May 24th.

It will focus on the tragic fate of a young woman, Lila Marquant (played by Mélina Charlot), victim of an assault which will be fatal to her, reports the site News Actual. While she is seated at the Savages, she will be approached by two students, who will offer her a drink.

As Lila declines, the two boys become insistent and decide to follow her. Lila stands up to them and their intimate to leave, but the two students become threatening and start harassing her. Witnesses on the scene, Mo (Frédérique Kamatari), Anissa (Siham Falhoune) and Antonin (Nathan Bensoussan) do not react.

Maryline (Élisabeth Margoni), who meets the small group on their way, tries to intervene as the situation turns sour by calling the police, but one of the attackers throws his phone on the ground. Lila tries to take the opportunity to run away to the port, but the two boys catch up to her and force her to apologize. But during this new alternation, Lila slips and falls into the water.

Panicked as the police sirens are heard, the two students flee … And Lila does not come back to the surface. His death was pronounced by the police shortly thereafter. For the various witnesses of the attack, the news of the death of the young girl is an electric shock. Maryline, Anissa and Antonin will feel guilty for not having reacted to Lila’s aggression.

While a call for witnesses is broadcast by the police, will the various witnesses make it possible to arrest the two fleeing attackers? To be continued in Un Si Grand Soleil on France 2!

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