Un Si Grand Soleil: a new death sows panic among the witnesses of the Marquant affair – news series on TV

Un si grand soleil: a new death sows panic among the witnesses of the marquant affair - news series on tv

In the next episodes of Un Si Grand Soleil, a new dramatic twist will precipitate the investigation of the witnesses to the death of Lila Marquant, victims one after the other of threats from a mysterious crow …

Since the death of Lila Marquant, a young girl harassed by two boys who accidentally killed themselves while trying to escape them, a wind of panic has blown in Montpellier. Several characters from Un Si Grand Soleil, helpless witnesses of Lila’s aggression, begin to receive threatening letters: Mo first, then M. Genton, another witness to the aggression of the young girl who had not intervened.

While Mo decides not to go to the police station despite Inès’ insistence, Mr. Genton and his wife decide to file a complaint and report the letter to the authorities. For her part, Lucille, intern at Midi Libre, persists in wanting to make the link between the fatal car accident of Sébastien Latour, another witness in the Marquant affair, and Rodolphe Lantini, a dealer who also witnessed the assault. shot down by Bullets.

But its editor-in-chief and Akim, who see in this only speculation that may cause readership panic, urge him not to dig this track so as not to damage their credibility, Akim having already provided him with confidential information. on surveys.

Un Si Grand Soleil: “there will be an act two in the history of the witnesses”

But in the next episodes of Un Si Grand Soleil, Maryline, the only one to have reacted to Lila’s aggression, will side with the young woman, and try to convince Alex to take the threats seriously. on witnesses to Lila’s assault.

During this time, Mr. Genton, who has been away to go hunting, does not return. Worried, his wife reports his disappearance, but it is too late: he will be found dead the next day. While the police will finally begin to have suspicions about the potential link between the victims, Maryline will meet the son of Mr. Marquant, who displays a strange behavior …

Could it have something to do with the threat that hangs over witnesses to his sister’s assault? Is the person behind the threatening letters the same who was responsible for making Genton, Lantini and Latour disappear? To be continued in the next episodes on France 2!

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