Un Si Grand Soleil: “A beautiful story is looming for Laetitia” according to Shirley Bousquet

On the set of the daily, Shirley Bousquet reveals to us the future love story of Laetitia which is about to begin, as well as a painful ordeal concerning her daughter Camille.

After her last romantic disappointment with Jonathan (Benjamin Garnier), Laetitia is about to meet again in Un Si Grand Soleil: Serge Levars, lawyer by profession, played by Laurent Frattale …

Shirley Bousquet: Exactly, a new man who could give the impression of being the umpteenth bastard who will pass in my life – because I had a few anyway … But a priori, he has the look very cute and in love! So afterwards, I don’t have the rest of the events, but for the moment, it’s a beautiful story that is emerging for Laetitia. It was time!

Un Si Grand Soleil: "A beautiful story is looming for Laetitia" according to Shirley Bousquet
A beautiful story is looming for Laetitia

There was Hugues, then Jonathan … each time, she was fooled: they are more interested in her job as a banker than in the woman she is. Levars, on the contrary, is really interested in her. He’s already been on the show for a little while, we see him from time to time. Like Laetitia, he hasn’t had a very likeable image so far. (laughs) We will both show a new side of our personalities, more touching and human I hope.

Lately, we have had a greater insight into the relationship between Laetitia and her daughter Camille (Léonie Dahan-Lamort), who encouraged her to rebuild her life and go out more, so as not to have her constantly on her back.

Absolutely. But like any contradiction with teens, I’m gonna have a new one guy coming into my life but it will not please him! (laughs) It is typical of teenagers with divorced parents: when we are alone, they blame us, but when we find a new companion, it is difficult for them to accept … It will speak to a lot of people I think .

Perhaps Camille hopes that her two parents will eventually be reconciled one day?

Surely, especially since my relationship with Manu (Moïse Santamaria) is also better, following a tragic event which will bring me closer to him. Our relationship calms down, to the point where we even manage to have a bit of humor between us, which is rather pleasant …

It is true that at the beginning, Laetitia was introduced as the ex-wife who puts sticks in the wheels and prevents her from seeing her daughter …

I was rather revengeful yes, we felt that there was a heavy story between them; one had digested it, but the other had not. And the other was me! (laughs) So I wanted to make him pay for stuff. I was not very sympathetic. And yet, often, I acted in favor of my daughter: I left a great job as a trader in Spain for a position in a small agency in Lunel, all for the happiness of my daughter.

After I find a new job in Singapore, and once again I will turn down a great opportunity for the sake of my daughter and so that her father can see her. I am “boring”, but not that much in the end! It’s always up to women to let their professional ambitions slip away. That’s why I appreciate all the more this evolution between them: it will do me good that the public starts to appreciate me a little! (laughs)

I received rather inflammatory messages about my character, because we were dealing with the handsome Manu, who is still the male figure of the series on which women crack, and I was the villain who came to rot his life. But now, things calm down and it will do everyone good. And then it proves that we can have conflicts in a divorce, but that it can improve if we make efforts. Afterwards, we are never safe from new twists of course …

Last June, you had a rather light intrigue with Ludovic (Folco Marchi), who becomes escort …

I loved this plot! Finally, I just took advantage of the experience that this boy gave me. I had a good time, which hadn’t happened to me for a long time, and I just told my friend Alix (Nadia Fossier) about it, but I’m not responsible for Ludo’s new job. (laughs)

I found the idea brilliant: well, it is women who take power and who have the right to afford men. We often talk about the reverse, and I found it clever on the part of the production to show that this kind of relationship exists in both directions. If there are kind, considerate boys like Ludo who are ready to fill a need, why not? Especially since he does it by choice, he is not in a precarious situation … It is because he must find his account somewhere.

There is a real turning point for Laetitia: the fact that this plot introduces new characters like Alix, my best friend, allows to see a new side of Laetitia, more sympathetic and laughing, and which begins to open. In this kind of series, we are really lucky that our characters evolve; no one can be consistently in the same lineage. You need variations otherwise people will get bored, and so will we!

Precisely, what have this character and daily life brought you over the past two years? You mentioned sometimes very virulent fan returns.

I’m a little used to feedback from fans that are a little unpleasant, let’s say. (laughs) I have always played unfriendly characters, from Sous le soleil where I received horrible letters to Camera Café where I was a bit of an authority figure, and there I arrived a bit like a fury in Un Si Grand Soleil. .. So I’m used to it, and somewhere it’s flattering! But playing sympathy every now and then just to prove that I can do something else is nice.

Lately, have you worked with any new acting partners that you’ve never toured with?

It’s true that when I arrived, I had two partners, Manu and my daughter Camille, and I didn’t know the other actors in the series! I ran into them from time to time between the station and the hotel, but I never saw them. And there, I discovered a new world with lots of different people. That’s why I really enjoyed myself with Folco, who plays Ludo.

There, I shot scenes with Tonya Kinzinger (Janet) because a really good storyline is going to happen: my daughter is going to have a toxic shock. This is what happens when you keep your tampon too long. I think it’s great that we talk about it, because it exists and not everyone thinks of talking about it, of warning young girls … It’s rare, but that doesn’t mean that it never happens . And it can be dramatic, it can go very far and lead to amputations.

I think this series is great for that, because it always deals with social facts, like the assault of this girl in front of whom no one moves, and it is a reality. I find that it is a way of awakening consciousnesses in lightness. We don’t force anything on you, but that’s what happens when we don’t react. It helps to open consciousness. There, the toxic shock, there is still a taboo, even an ignorance on the part of some parents who are not even aware! We don’t judge, we don’t accuse, we just present a situation by showing what can happen, without giving lessons.

What are your other projects outside the series?

I made a feature film in 2018, A Deux heures de Paris, which I co-wrote with director Virginie Verrier and in which I play, and which was made thanks to crowdfunding. This allowed the film to exist, with a great cast: Fred Testot, Valérie Mairesse, Fanny Cottençon, Thierry Frémont … It had an intimate theatrical release, but we had the lucky it’s sold to Netflix. It was released during confinement and was one of the 10 most viewed French films on the platform.

For us it’s a gift, because making an independent film represents a lot of energy: we took seven years to do it, for a small theatrical release because we did not have a big structure like Gaumont and Pathé to distribute it, so Netflix now gives us the possibility of give it good visibility. Afterwards, we can be for or against the platforms, but currently with the difficulties that we can meet in the cinema, it is a gift.

And then, as has already been mentioned in the press by Bruno Solo, we are working on the project of a beautiful unpublished unit for the twenty years of Cafe Camera. We read a first synopsis and we all agree to participate and very impatient to shoot this unit. It’s been over twenty years, since the first episode aired in 2001, almost the same day as September 11. It was obviously a flop, everyone was focused on the events … Fortunately, M6 gave us a second chance, and the series then took off. But it is a date that we cannot forget!

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