Umbrella Academy season 3: the theories on Allison and Ben dismantled by the creator of the…

Available for two weeks on Netflix, season 3 of Umbrella Academy ends with several mysteries – in particular about Ben and Allison – that showrunner Steve Blackman wanted to clear up.

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Warning, this article contains spoilers on the end of season 3 of Umbrella Academy!

You devoured the third season ofUmbrella Academy on Netflix and are sure that the conclusion of the final episode means that Allison (Emmy Raver Lampman) is in heaven? Nay!

At the microphone ofANDthe creator of the series, Steve Blackmanhas indeed refuted this popular theory with fans: “There are many people who believe that Allison, Ray and Claire are ghosts. This is not the case. She brought them back. Ray and Claire now exist in this timeline, which shouldn’t happen.

A deal with big consequences

And not only is Allison well and truly reunited with her daughter and her husband, but she also finds herself in the same reality as the other Hargreeves. “Even though she’s not with the siblings in this park, she’s in LA with [Ray et Claire] exactly the same period.

A few fans said to me, ‘No, no, it’s emptiness’, and [ça veut dire] that they are dead. And I said, ‘No, no, they’re not dead. It’s real.’ Ray is just as real as Claire is real or Allison is real”, assured the screenwriter before giving details on how such a reunion could have taken place:

To be clear, because there’s a lot going on in those last 10 minutes, Hargreeves has reprogrammed the universe. He has made a deal with Allison, that if she supports him, she will get what she wants. We don’t see the deal that was made in private, but the deal is ‘I’ll give you back your daughter and your husband’. They shouldn’t exist in the same timeline. One lives in 63, the other in 2018.

Umbrella Academy season 3 the theories on Allison and Ben

However, at the last moment, when she sees her brothers suffering, Allison decides to interrupt her adoptive father’s experiment, which will not be without consequences…

She hasn’t quite finished her deal with him, because she won’t let him finish what he’s doing. Hargreeves is playing with this machine that we don’t understand. It’s clear that not letting him finish will have repercussions for next season. She has no idea what buttons she pushes“, thus confided the showrunner.

Sparrow Ben or Umbrella Ben?

Steve Blackman did not stop there in the revelations since he also gave some clarifications on the post-credits scene of season 3 featuring Ben (Justin H.Min).

If many thought it was a new version of the character or even the deceased one from the Umbrella Academy, miraculously back, it is not so. The screenwriter claimed that the Ben we see in Korea is the only survivor of Sparrow Academy, which we got to know this season.

It’s the same version of Ben that we’ve seen and we see something that’s probably going to happen in the next season. It’s kind of a little hint of what’s to come. But it’s our Ben. This isn’t Ben from another timeline. It’s the Ben of the Sparrows, and that’s all I can tell you”, he indicated.

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And to add a little pinch of mystery: “He is definitely in Korea. It’s a Korean subway car, you can hear it by the voices. But how it fits into the next season, I’m not going to tell anyone. It’s a secret !

What provoke new theories on the Web. And no need to ask Ben’s interpreter for information, he is at the same stage as the spectators! “I turned [la scène] with zero information. I know Ben is on a subway in Korea. But that’s about all I know”, indeed said Justin H. Min during an interview with E! News.

It only remains to hope that Netflix quickly announces the renewal of Umbrella Academy so that the production of season 4 is launched to have answers in the not too distant future!

These details that should not be missed in the last season:

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