Umbrella Academy on Netflix: the end of season 3 explained

Available since Wednesday on Netflix, season 3 of Umbrella Academy ends with a new mystery! What does the end of the last episode mean and who is the character we discover alongside Reginald Hargreeves? We tell you everything.

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Spoiler alert, this article contains information about the end of season 3 of Umbrella Academy!

So far, every season’s endUmbrella Academy opened the door to new adventures for the Hargreeves siblings and the new salvo of episodes, available on Netflix since Wednesday, is no exception.

Indeed, while the family of superheroes tries throughout the season to prevent the end of the world for the third time, they end up following the plan drawn up by their adoptive father, who turns out to have a hidden intention…

An apocalypse averted but at what cost?

In the final sequence of episode 10 – and after escaping, thanks to Allison, certain death by executing Reginald’s plan to use his children to start an alien machine to recreate the universe – Diego, Lila, Viktor, Ben, Cinq and Klaus land in Obsidian Park, which has taken the place of the hotel in which they have evolved all season.

There, they find Luther – yet dead in their previous reality – who no longer has his monkey body! They then realize that all their wounds are healed and, above all, that they have lost their powers. But also that Sloane, the only survivor of Sparrow Academy with Ben and become Number 1’s wife, disappeared. Instead of staying together, everyone decides to take different paths.

For her part, Allison, who had made a mysterious pact with her father, finds her daughter but also her husband from 1963 in the same house, even though they do not belong to the same timeline. Is she in her version of paradise or in the same dimension as her brothers? Hard to know! But if we do not know where the heroes of the series have landed this time, one thing is certain, Reginald’s plan seems to have unfolded as he wished.

Umbrella Academy on Netflix the end of season 3

Who is the woman with Sir Hargreeves?

Indeed, when the camera moves away from the park in which the members of the Umbrella Academy are, we discover a city where all the buildings are in the name of Hargreeves. We are then shown Reginald like the master of the world at the window of the highest tower in the district, visibly satisfied and hand in hand with a mysterious woman.

The latter was already present in the previous episode during the flashback of Luther on the Moon where we saw her in a cryogenic tube, with the inscription on it: “Subject: Hargreeves, Abigail. Status: deceased”.

You may have forgotten it, but this character had actually already been seen in season 1 of Umbrella Academy! Indeed, Abigail appeared, dying, in the opening scene of the last episode of the first season set in the very distant past and probably on another planet, where she declared her love to Reginald and encouraged him to leave and do great things for the world.

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Ready for anything for love

The one that viewers know to be an alien since season 2 while his children find out at the end of season 3 then releases glowing particles into the sky, the same ones that, in the new season’s intro, implant themselves in the body of a young Korean who immediately becomes pregnant and gives birth to little Ben.

When, in the finale, Reginald activates his alien machine to reset the universe, it is these particles escaping from the bodies of the heroes that feed it, killing them slowly in the process.

So it would seem that all of Sir Hargreeves’ actions – from unleashing this source of power in the air to adopting the children who inherited it and then manipulating them into aiding him in his plans – were to find a way to to be reunited with his wife, Abigail. A character who will surely be developed in the next season that we hope will be inevitable even if Netflix has not yet made it official!

All three seasons of Umbrella Academy are available on Netflix.

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