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The Hargreeves siblings are finally back! And they have a lot to do in the new season of Umbrella Academy, between a new team of superheroes to face and… yet another apocalypse to avoid! What are these new episodes worth?

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What is it about ?

After averting disaster in 1963, the members of the Umbrella Academy return to the present, convinced they’ve prevented the initial apocalypse and fixed the time continuum, once and for all. But after a brief moment of celebration, they realize things aren’t quite as they left them. This is where a group called the Sparrow Academy comes into play. Smart, hip, and as lovable as a prison door, its members immediately collide with the Umbrella Academy in a violent face-off that turns out to be the least of their worries.

Well worth a look ?

Airing in 2020 on Netflix, the second season ofUmbrella Academy ended precisely with the meeting between the heroes of the series and the Sparrow Academy, whose only member not to be hidden in the shadows was Ben. Yes, yes, Ben (Justin H.Min), the dead brother of Luther and company.

At the start of season 3, the Hargreeves siblings will quickly realize that it is in fact an alternative (and quite unbearable) version of Ben who therefore grew up with other brothers and sisters and who has no not developed the same personality. After meeting his future children in 1963, Sir Reginald (Colm Feore) has indeed chosen to adopt seven other babies born on October 1, 1989 and to found not the Umbrella Academy but the Sparrow Academy.

But as the problems stick to the skin of the Hargreeves, their arrival in this parallel reality will launch the beginning of… the destruction of the universe! And it is therefore for the third time in their lives that the heroes of the series will have to find a way to prevent the apocalypse.

Umbrella Academy on Netflix is the apocalypse still so fun

More in-depth characters

If this repetition may put off more than one, it also has a comic side since even the characters, starting with Five (Aidan Gallagher), display an assumed fed up with the idea of ​​once again having to save the world. What a pleasure to find the hero and his family still as endearing as it is dysfunctional.

All its members also have time to shine during the season and experience interesting personal developments: Luther (Tom Hopper) makes an encounter that allows him to question what he really wants in life, Allison (Emmy Raver Lampman) is learning hard to live with the fact that her daughter and her husband do not exist in this reality and Klaus (Robert Sheehan) gets closer to his adoptive father, necessarily slightly different in this universe.

The interactions between Diego (David Castaneda) and Lilac (Ritu Arya) are still just as tasty and the announced gender change of the character of Vanya (Elliot Page) is easily handled. This notably gives rise to pretty scenes between the one who is now called Viktor and his sister who encourages Number 7 to be himself.

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The relationship between the two is also one of the deepest of the season, with ups and downs because if the transition of the character of Elliot Page is not a concern for Allison, her secretiveness, they, the are much more. What is certain in any case is that the Hargreeves family as we have known it for two seasons, and despite its shortcomings, eclipses the newcomers who remain for the most part rather caricatural.

Action and fun always present

It will therefore certainly be difficult for the Sparrow Academy to replace the Umbrella Academy in the hearts of spectators since it is above all thanks to the members of the latter, vectors of beautiful emotions, that interest in the series has been maintained over the years. .

Not boring for a penny and once again accompanied by a soundtrack full of pep’s, this third season also obviously gives a good part to the action with fights between the two families quite enjoyable and, of course, the humor: the Hargreeves always have that touch of madness that gives Umbrella Academy all its salt! The absurd and chaotic scenes follow one another and we never get tired of it.

Enough to entertain the time of 10 episodes as explosive as crazy while waiting for an inevitable – at least, we hope – season 4 which will have to answer the many questions left unanswered after a final a little too mysterious to be satisfactory.

Umbrella Academy Season 3 is available on Netflix.

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