Umbrella Academy (Netflix): what awaits you in season 2 of the super-heroic series – news series on tv

Umbrella Academy (Netflix): what awaits you in season 2 of the super-heroic series – news series on tv

It took almost a year and a half to wait, but the heroes of “Umbrella Academy” are back on Netflix. Lost in time but with a season 2 that has a lot in store for you. A brief overview.


WARNING – The article below contains spoilers as it discusses some of the twists and turns of Season 1 of “Umbrella Academy”. So please go your way if you are not up to date. Otherwise, meet up after the trailer.


At the end of Season 1, the hero would disappear to escape the Apocalypse caused by Vanya (Ellen Page) and the debris of the Moon, destroyed by her, which crashed into Earth. The question then was not to know where the siblings would reappear… but when. And it does not take long to know the answer, teased in the trailer, because it is at the beginning of the 60s that this season 2 begins. With a small subtlety, because the superheroes are propelled at different times spread out over a period of three years, until 1963. The latest arrival, with that school uniform that he never leaves, Number Five (Aidan Gallagher) discovers that the end of the world they thought they had prevented has happened. also moved to their new era. And this new version is perhaps linked to a historical event that occurred on November 22, 1963, in Dallas.

To return home and prevent the Apocalypse from happening again: such is the double mission of the heroes of Umbrella Academy in this season 2, with episodes a little shorter than the previous one, therefore better paced, in addition to ‘to be a bit less predictable in their finality, with a story that takes more freedom compared to its paper model. And above all, situating the story in the past allows the series to blend in with history, but also to tackle themes that are still relevant, such as racism or homosexuality, which occupy an important place in the intrigues respectively related to Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) and Vanya.


The first minutes of episode 1 of season 2 advance very quickly, with a lot of ellipses that make us jump in time as each character arrives in his new era. So it’s no wonder, when Number Five sets out to find them, to discover that her siblings are scattered around and each live a new life, which the trailer offers us a glimpse of: Allison is married and facing segregation. against which she struggles on a daily basis, Luther (Tom Hopper) participates in clandestine fights, Diego (David Castañeda) is interned in a psychiatric hospital, Vanya lives with a family and has lost his memory, while Klaus (Robert Sheehan) has become a guru. And that Ben (Justin H. Min), the deceased of the siblings, still accompany him since he can still communicate with the ghosts.

The heroes are first separated before meeting again, which allows them to give them their own sub-plots and, first, to enrich each character (even Ben), then to create a new dynamic between them. . It is in this way in particular that the series avoids falling into repetition with regard to human relations, while its madness is intact, in the management of humor and violence (with some very graphic sequences), or in the staging of certain fights. “Same strange family, new bizarre problems”, tells us the trailer in original version. Which is a good summary of what these ten episodes have in store for us.


Who says “travel in time and in the past”, said “possibility of braving death and bringing back characters who were thought to be dead”. We will obviously not tell you which ones (even if the trailer gives big clues), but know that this season 2 allows us to see some younger protagonists, while several elements suggest, in small touches, the reasons for the creation of The Umbrella Academy. And at the same time, the show welcomes some new faces, starting with Carmichael, head of the Commission (body responsible for managing the space-time continuum): a goldfish in a jar which overcomes a robotic body, as in the comics books signed Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba which served as inspiration.


Meet Carmichael

At the same time, we discover a formidable trio of Swedish killers, as well as the bubbly Lila, Diego’s new friend played by Ritu Arya (Doctor Who, Last Christmas), who brings extra energy to a series that does not however not lacking.


To your playlists! Like season 1 of Umbrella Academy, season 2 sometimes takes on the appearance of a jukebox depending on the musical titles that punctuate the episodes. Sometimes in an anachronistic way, when the excellent “Golden Brown” of The Stranglers (which dates from 1981 while the action takes place in 1963), “Everybody” the Backstreet Boys, “I Was Made for Lovin ‘You” of Kiss or this Swedish cover of “Hello” Adele signed My Kullsvik. Between classics and discoveries, you risk often pausing your viewing to search for a title, knowing that, as in 2019, the writer of the comic books Gerard Way, who was also the co-founder and leader of the group My Chemical Romance until ” at its separation in 2013, still participates in the soundtrack with an unreleased song, which we could hear in the trailer: the aptly named “Here Comes the End” (“The end is coming”).


At the time when the 2 begins, the series has not been renewed for a season 3. But if the success is still there, it should only be a matter of time. Especially since the basics are already there, in the final seconds of the last episode, with a surprising twist and which should not fail to raise some questions. More than the previous one. See you in 2021 for the rest?

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