Uber will require all drivers and riders to wear masks starting next week

The Uber logo displayed on a smartphone above the surgical masks.

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Uber is launching a new set of features in its app that will check if drivers are wearing face masks before commuting.

The move is an attempt by the company to regain momentum in its core carpooling business, as countries seek to gradually lift their coronavirus locking restrictions.

Beginning May 18, drivers and cyclists will need to wear face masks and blankets to stop the spread of the disease. But unlike runners, drivers will now have to check that they are wearing masks before accepting a reservation. Riders must also sit in the back seat.

The San Francisco-based company, which has been hit hard by local shelter measures around the world, will also invest $ 50 million to distribute supplies such as masks, hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer. drivers and couriers. Uber works in partnership with Clorox in the United States and Unilever in Europe to supply the supplies.

“Self-certification is good, but sometimes verification is really important,” Sachin Kansal, senior director of product management at Uber, told reporters on Wednesday when calling Zoom. “It is one thing for us to issue directives and requirements, but sometimes we have to enforce those requirements.”

Both drivers and riders will be able to cancel a trip if neither of them is wearing a face cover. Uber said it has already acquired 20 million masks and distributed 5 million to drivers.

“Keeping everyone safe means everyone has to take proper precautions not only to protect you, but also to protect your driver and the next person who might get in the car after,” said CEO Dara Khosrowshahi during of the Zoom call.

Uber and national rival Lyft have come under increased pressure to pay drivers benefits such as paid sick leave, with the two companies facing legal action in the state of California alleging that they have misclassified their drivers as entrepreneurs.

The uncertain status of concert workers was again highlighted during the health crisis, as drivers complain about having no key source of income on which they depend.

The company hit the headlines Tuesday after reports it had made an offer to buy food delivery company Grubhub. Sources confirmed to CNBC that Uber had made the offer, but said the two sides remained at odds over the price.

Uber, which recently said it would lay off 14% of its workforce, had a huge loss of $ 2.9 billion in the first quarter. Although gross bookings in its Eats business have increased.

Meanwhile, Uber recently led a $ 170 million investment in Lime, the scooter and electric bike rental start-up, which will see it transfer its own Jump bikes and scooters, while the two companies will further integrate their applications.

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