Twitter introduces brand new search option for direct messages on IOS devices

Twitter introduces brand new search option for direct messages on IOS devices, sorry Android users you have to wait longer.

iOS Twitter users have some great news as Twitter launched a great feature for them.

  • This feature is one of the most helpful features which will be useful for all the iOS Twitter users who often have numerous Direct messages to search through the chat.

Twitter has officially announced that It will be launching its new feature for the direct message search feature. As said it has launched its new iOS direct message search feature for all the iOS users from October 1st 2019. 

Twitter introduces brand new search option
Search option for direct messages

This direct message search feature has already been rolled out. From the past few months, this special feature was in the testing phase. Official Twitter testers are saying that this feature works perfectly with all kinds of recent direct messages.

This feature is compatible with all the direct messages you generally get. Even though it’s a new search feature, it is helpful for all. But still, it will not search the content of messages.

 In this feature, you need to type in the names of the groups or users and then you can manually find out all the messages what you are looking for indirect messages.

As it’s the earlier days of the feature, we don’t know how far does Twitter go with this recent feature.  Most of the top brands already tested this feature. Verge has tested this feature and able to search for all the new and old stuff.

Generally, if you’re having lots of Twitter Direct messages then you need to search for the name specifically. If you’re an Android user who is striving to use this feature then you have to wait a little longer.

In the latest news, it’s been heard that Twitter and its social dashboard application Twitter deck are behaving quite unusually. Yesterday tweet deck had logged out lots of users from the application and some users can’t log in to it. But, the best part is that Twitter is working on it and you I’ll soon get an update on it.

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