Twilight 3 on 6ter: have you noticed that Victoria's interpreter has changed?  - Cinema News

Twilight 3 on 6ter: have you noticed that Victoria’s interpreter has changed? – Cinema News

“Twilight – Chapter 3: Hesitation” airs tonight on 6ter. Bella is chased there by a vengeance thirsty Victoria. But did you know that the actress who plays the vampire has changed? Bryce Dallas Howard has indeed replaced Rachelle Lefevre.

Released in theaters in July 2010, Twilight – Chapter 3: Hesitation grossed $ 706 million in international box office revenue (or $ 18 million more than the previous installment and $ 298 million more than the first film).

Directed by David Slade, already familiar with vampire films since we owe him the film adaptation of the graphic novel 30 Days of Nights, the 3rd installment of the adventures of Bella, Edward and Jacob sees a new danger emerging for Bella.

Evil vampire Victoria still seeks revenge and assembles an army. Despite their ancestral hatred, the Cullens and the Quileutes are going to have to make a truce and team up to have a chance to save Bella.

Present since the first film, the character of Victoria has a central role in this opus since she is the villain. But did you know that the interpreter of the red-haired vampire had been replaced?

Indeed, in the first two films it is the actress Rachelle Lefevre who plays the role of Victoria while in this third part, the vampire is played by Bryce Dallas Howard.

Rachelle Lefevre was not the 1st choice for the role of Victoria

During the elaboration of the casting of the saga, the production company Summit Entertainment and Catherine Hardwicke (the director of the first film) entrust the role of Victoria to Rachelle Lefevre. However, the actress was not the first choice of the team who wanted to see Bryce Dallas Howard play the villain.

But the latter declined the offer, finding the role quite minor. Rachelle Lefevre invests as much as possible in the project in order to best embody the feline vampire described by Stephenie Meyer in her novels.

Summit Entertainment

Rachelle Lefevre / Bryce Dallas Howard in Victoria

The filming of Hesitation is due to start in August 2009, but Rachelle Lefevre asks Summit for a compromise because she has to shoot at the same time in the comedy-drama Le Monde de Barney. The filming of Richard J. Lewis’ film only lasts 10 days, compared to 3 months for that of Twilight.

But the studio refuses and fires the actress. The announcement of her replacement fell only a few days later: Bryce Dallas Howard took over the role. Given the success of the first films and the importance of Victoria’s role in this opus, Ron Howard’s daughter this time immediately accepted to play the evil vampire.

Media war

Consequently, a war by interposed media begins between the ex-interpreter of Victoria and Summit Entertainment. On the site Access Hollywood, Rachelle Lefevre proclaims her incomprehension: “I was stunned by Summit’s decision to re-cast the role of Victoria. I was completely invested in the Twilight saga and in this character.

I turned down many other opportunities and, in keeping with my contract, only accepted roles that wouldn’t take too much of my filming time. (…) I am deeply hurt by Summit’s surprising decision to continue without me.

Summit Entertainment

Cam Gigandet, Edi Gathegi and Rachelle LeFevre in Twilight – Chapter 1: fascination

Faced with this speech and the support of fans for the actress, Summit’s reaction was not long in coming. In a press release, the company replied: “Rachelle Lefevre and those who represent her had known since April that filming was going to begin in August.

If Ms. Lefevre was, as she says, so passionate about her participation in the Twilight saga, she would have told us about her desire to work on another film, the shooting of which conflicted with Hesitation’s schedule before d ‘accept.

She did not share this information with us until July 20, when she had signed for Le Monde de Barney in early June. We believe that this willful omission on his part can be seen as a lack of cooperative spirit that affects the production as a whole.

The point is that the cover-up, until the last moment, of her engagement on another film unfortunately makes her unavailable to play the role of Victoria in Twilight 3. “.

The President of the Business Unit of Summit Entertainment concludes: “Rachelle brought Victoria to life on the big screen, Bryce will bring her to a new dimension. The franchise is lucky that an actress as talented as Bryce is reprising the role.

Meet Bryce Dallas Howard and the Evil Vampires of Hesitation

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