Twilight 2 on 6ter: Taylor Lautner was almost replaced in the casting

Twilight 2 on 6ter: Taylor Lautner was almost replaced in the casting

Twilight – Chapter 2: Temptation airs tonight on 6ter. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are reprising their roles, but did you know that Taylor Lautner was almost replaced?

Released in our theaters in November 2009, Twilight – Chapter 2: Temptation is this time directed by Chris Weitz. In this second installment, adapted from Stephenie Meyer’s novel, the Cullens are forced to leave the town of Forks.

But Bella (Kristen Stewart) can’t bring herself to forget Edward (Robert Pattinson). To fill her emotional void, she takes increasingly reckless risks. Edward no longer there to protect her, it is Jacob (Taylor Lautner), the discreet and unwavering friend who will watch over her. Gradually, Bella realizes the ambiguity of the feelings they have for each other.

This section focuses on the relationship between Bella and Jacob. Taylor Lautner therefore has the main male role of the second installment of the Twilight saga. But did you know that the young actor almost did not reprise his role?

If the physique of Taylor Lautner corresponded perfectly to the Jacob of the first film, this one no longer suited the character described by Stephenie Meyer in the sequel.

Indeed, following the vampire threat, Jacob turns into a werewolf and his muscles develop very quickly. A major physical change had to take place before the filming of the sequel scheduled for March 2009.

Chris Weitz and the producers feared that the then 16-year-old would fail to gain the 15 pounds of muscle needed for his character to evolve in the time allotted to him.


Jacob being at the center of this film, it was therefore necessary that the physique of the actor fits perfectly to the description made by the novelist. The director therefore had castings to replace Taylor Lautner in case the latter does not manage to gain enough muscles. He had even found his replacement: Michael Copon, 10 years older than Lautner.

But Taylor Lautner, who wanted to keep his role at all costs, trained intensively alongside her coach Jordan Yuam (who also coached Justin Bieber) and followed a high protein diet. For the coach, the advantage Taylor Lautner had was that he hadn’t been muscular before. And “the less muscle you have, the more easily you gain muscle mass* “.

In January 2009, two months before the start of filming, Chris Weitz announced that Taylor Lautner was physically ready and therefore kept his role. A physical transformation put to good use since Lautner appears shirtless for much of the film …

Twilight – Chapter 2: Temptation totaled over $ 688 million at the international box office, which is $ 280 million more than Twilight – Chapter 1: Fascination.

The young actor resumed his role in all the films of the vampiric saga and followed up with John Singleton’s action film, Secret Identity where his muscles, once again, were a plus.

* Men’s Health – March 2015

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