TV program Friday April 17: 1001 Legs and Terminator 2 – Cinema News

TV program Friday April 17: 1001 Legs and Terminator 2 – Cinema News

Every day, find the program of films and series to see on TV. Today: a social comedy, Arnold Schwarzenegger is back, animated ants, a morbid comedy by Tim Burton and the adaptation of a cult series.

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Walk in the shade of Patrice Leconte with Gérard Lanvin, Michel Blanc (France 2, 2 p.m.): “With this first feature film, Michel Blanc achieves a real masterpiece: hilarious duo with Gérard Lanvin, social comedy in tune with its time, earthy dialogues that smell snelliness … Also to be seen for the graceful silhouette of Sophie Duez . ” Guillaume Martin

Terminator 2: James Cameron’s Last Judgment with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton (TCM Cinéma, 4:50 p.m.): “James Cameron’s best film! The visionary filmmaker delivered this avant-garde SF work in 1991, carried by a monolithic Schwarzy at the peak of his form! His confrontation with the T-1000 alias Robert Patrick remains cult both actors shine in the skin of relentless robots. From motorcycle chase to Sarah Connor’s escape sequence to heartbreaking ending, T2 follows memorable scenes. A spectacular and intelligent blockbuster like no other make more !” Vincent Formica

1001 Pattes de John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton (Disney Cinéma, 7:17 p.m.): “The second Pixar feature had a hard time finding its place after the Toy Story phenomenon. Often forgotten, it remains my favorite for so many reasons. This loser and clumsy anti-hero, brave, inventive and ready to do anything for saving his anthill is certainly the most touching character in the Pixar universe, and I weigh my words. The tiny world in which Lasseter and Stanton transport us is magnificently filmed. By breathing a wind of revolt through the character of Tilt, Pixar praises anti-conformism, the watchword of the first films in the studio with a lamp, perhaps a little forgotten today … “Caroline Langlois

Beetlejuice by Tim Burton with Michael Keaton, Winon Ryder (Ciné + Famiz, 4:25 p.m.): “With Beetlejuice, Tim Burton imposes his style and reveals to the eyes of the whole world what will make his trademark: a morbid universe, a black and poetic humor and brilliant dialogues. In the era of all digital we take a clever pleasure to review this film with special house effects (remember that the film received the Oscar for best make-up in 1989). And admit it, you too have pronounced “Beetlejuice” 3 times … “Laetitia Forhan

Starsky and Hutch by Todd Phillips with Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson (OCS Max, 1:05 p.m.): “Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson seize the cult series of the 70s to dust it off and make it a funny and rhythmic police comedy. The duo works very well thanks to an absurd humor despite a rather banal intrigue. The film does not fall however not in the parody and it all forms a quality buddy-movie. Special mention to the wacky appearance of Snoop Dogg in the role of Huggy the good tips. ” Vincent Formica

And if not, among all the films that pass, which is your favorite?

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