A Comprehensive Guide To Tsing Ma Bridge In Hong Kong For Tourists

Tsing Ma Bridge Hong Kong has the 11th longest suspension bridge in the world. Its name comes from the two islands that connect it, namely Tsing Yi and Ma Wan. Opened to traffic in 1997, this 2.16 km long bridge is popular among locals and international tourists. If you want to see the longest suspension bridge in the world with both rail and road traffic, plan a trip to Tsing Ma Bridge now. There are many places with beautiful views like Lantau Link Viewing Platform, Visitors Center etc. which will keep you engaged during your visit here.

About Tsing Ma Bridge

About Tsing Ma Bridge


The Tsing Ma Bridge was opened to traffic in 1997. It is considered an engineering and architectural wonder in Asia that connects Lantau Island to the rest of Hong Kong. The 2.16 km long bridge has two decks and carries both road and rail traffic. One deck carries six lanes of automobile traffic with three lanes in each direction. The second deck contains two rail tracks and two protected carriageways.

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Tsing Ma Bridge Construction

Tsing Ma Bridge Construction


The Tsing Ma Bridge is not only the 11th longest suspension bridge in the world, but it was also the second longest suspension bridge at the time of its completion. With a height of 206 metres, it has become the tallest of all available bridges carrying rail traffic in the world. You can plan a Tsing Ma Bridge tour in Hong Kong with family, friends and colleagues to appreciate its unique structure and construction.

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Tsing Ma Bridge Tourist Attraction

There are many things to do near Tsing Ma Bridge in Hong Kong. Therefore, you should plan your tour keeping in mind your preferences:

1. Hong Kong Tramways

Hong Kong Tramways


The Hong Kong Tramways (HKT) is a narrow-gauge heritage tram system operating in the Hong Kong region. Owned and operated by RATP Dev Transdev Asia, Hong Kong’s tram system was opened in 1904 during the British era. One of the earliest forms of public transport in the metropolis, this tramway runs on Hong Kong Island connecting Kennedy Town and Shau Kei Wan.

2. Hong Kong Disneyland

hong kong disneyland


Located on reclaimed land in Penny’s Bay, Lantau Island, Hong Kong Disneyland is a theme park that attracts tourists from all over the world. Today one of the largest theme parks in Hong Kong, it is owned and managed by the Hong Kong International Theme Parks team. If you have kids with you, you must include Disney Land in your itinerary.

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3. Lantau Link Visitors Center and Viewing Platform

Lantau Link Visitors Center and Viewing Platform


Located on Hong Kong’s Tsing Yi Island, the Lantau Link Visitors Center and Viewing Platform is the perfect place to take in the panoramic view of the landscape. In addition to displaying Lantau Link information, this center is also known for including models, photographs, and panel text about the link.

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4. Dialogue in the Dark Hong Kong

dialogue in dark hong kong


If you want to support a social cause, you might consider visiting Dialogue in the Dark in Hong Kong. Dialogue in the Dark Hong Kong (DiD HK) was launched in 2014 to help visually impaired people around the world earn a living and gain some social identity. Founded by Dr. Andreas Heinecke in Germany in 1988, it is managed by Dialogue in the Dark Hong Kong Limited. With time, it has become popular all over the world.

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5. Tsim Sha Tsui

Tsim Sha Tsui


It is a place for shopping and nightlife. You will find many restaurants and eateries that serve delicious cuisine. However, in shopping malls and local markets, you can buy locally made products to take home as souvenirs. The Cultural Center is popular for hosting mainstream music events and concerts, while the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade is a famous spot to experience Hong Kong’s skyline views.

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When you visit Hong Kong be sure to stop at Tsing Ma Bridge. With more than 70% of the area being made up of lush forests, sandy beaches and transparent lakes, Hong Kong is an ideal place to visit in Asia. One of its popular attractions is none other than the Tsing Ma Bridge which has already received global recognition. A large number of local and international tourists keep coming here throughout the year. Plan your Hong Kong tour now to get some discounts from tour operators and explore this beautiful region.

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