Trump promised to win the trade war with China. He failed

The uptick in overall deficit probably has less to do with the fact that US-China relations with the coronavirus pandemic, which foreign countries the difficult situation closed down their economies.

But it’s looking for Trump and rough; He made the central deficit he spat on the experts of Beijing with customers, however, alone in what I not only negatively, to put to shame. Even before the pandemic hit into the gap between imports and exports and even higher than when he took office.
This will not only help China the United States, found that the economic success of this year, imports and exports of the country and he was very high here The plan reopens. And while trade has taken a hit by the pandemic, China’s buyer, and so the United States is about $ 31 billion in January, according to Chinese customs data. And it was also the beginning of the war, in trade with the cause, the severe pain for American farmers, even though it is accepted in the gram of the sales initiatives to draw some of your sting.

“The bottom line is that tariffs caused a lot of collateral damage in the US and do not achieve their energy to some,” said William Reinsch, a trade expert at the Center for Art and International Studies (CSIS) who served for 15 years as the Council President of the National foreign Trade.

A standing agreement barring mandrae

2020 regulation started off in US-China trade deal has happened in your hand between the two countries to reduce tariffs and allow the nearly $ 160 billion in Beijing that no additional taxes from home is good. US $ 200 billion worth of China and agreed to purchase products in the next couple of years.
It was upended before the pandemic on the global economy. Just as due to August, China is acting as a merchant to negotiate a peace with each other in accordance with that virtue which is less than the mean of the International Institute of Economics by Cicero concerning the analysis of the. White House, said a top economic policy, and Larry Kudlow month that the trade relationship with Beijing was “fine” may revisit talking about a relay for future violations of the agreements appear to have been postponed indefinitely.
Trump stealing China & # 39; Playbook's action with TikTok

“The case for Trump failure is very clear,” said Reinsch. “You can see a lack of progress in a way that said, ‘structural issues” because of its [the administration’s] actions in the first place. “

The two superpowers are not yet fully address some of Washington’s biggest complaints from Beijing, Reinsch said, between the person and its state-owned enterprise Trump and the ground steal to the US accusation technology. (Chinese officials repeatedly denied the allegations and does not seem to be any secrets handed over Tech, who were part of the deals had been mutually agreed upon.)

“By the time all the questions differ 2 looks at the negotiations, which never started, is now unlikely to begin,” added Reinsch.

Trump praised the “one time” deal was signed in January and the two countries, which are real reporters “righting the wrongs of the past and the future of delivering justice, and economic security for American workers, farmers and families.”
After, he again reiterated that, Trump is the deal is “a very good sense to do it,” he made himself, and in the clear sky of Beijing is Washington, in the narrow way of the Screw tech companies such as Huawei and TikTok the impending sanctions.
‘[Joe] Biden spent all that letting China steal our jobs and our troop factories, “Trump said through a campaign rally in Florida last week, referring to the Democratic presidential nominee.” And let me tell you, if I ever won, China will occupy the United States, OK? He will own it. “

China’s economy is very ECHO

China, meanwhile, is one of the only countries emerging from a major pandemic is fixed conditions. Its economy expanded by 4.9% compared to the last quarter of 2019 as a 19-Covid brought under control, the second straight quarter of growth. China’s economy is expected to grow and International Monetary Fund by 1.9% this year, compared to significant contractions in Europe and the United States. IMF projects China’s economy to expand in 2020 only to be greater.
China & # 39; economy is the envy of the world
With them, and, indeed, Washington has not set off an escalating American companies trying to grow out of their business in China. In the recent past China’s strong trade figures, China US foreign direct investment is actually increased by 6% in the first six months in 2020 from the year before. He raised $ 6 billion in China as people in the league are selling directly targeted US investors for the first time in more than a decade.

But it is likely that some will struggle lasting consequences in China trade, according to analysts at JP Morgan.

“The question is raised by the clash of export by instinct reallocation capacity from China, led by a third-party manufacturers,” they wrote in last week to talk about. But analysts said the global pandemic trembling China has helped to lay something else to have lost this year in Ontario it would, but that eventually there will be a “supply chain increases regionally, Asian countries should provide attractive alternative to other places.”

Looking past November

My strength is weakened US-China trade relationship, in order that in advance, so that the tensions between the two countries, to which they have escalated in the other places before himself, we condemn, mishandling, and, beginning from the pandemic coronavirus the sound of the conflict’s crest, and Hong Kong on the other side that by human law, since by the example of life, to use the many faithful are subject to the vigilance of the Xinjiang . Washington targeted TikTok owner is forced to ByteDance Huawei in the fight for survival.
What we do not Trump is changing the way Washington deals with China. And now it seemed that the idea of ​​the coming of the bipartisan support necessary for him to be more full it is, in the greater part of it, the more it is the face of all we consider the relationship with the legislators, and yet to strive for.
In the new technology world war

“Before them, the development of US-China conflict after the election is likely to vary by the number of dimensions, including trade, technology, and the financial sector,” wrote JP Morgan analysts, who suspect that tensions will continue even if Biden wins the election.

The salad is said that the analysts expect the relationship between the two countries in Washington and split oak Beijing to continue to fight for 5G networks as computing and biology, artificial intelligence.

“In the struggle for dominance in those areas in China and the US and set about decoupling, reducing cooperation restricting sharing technology, even in a closed court … trade in some cases,” they wrote.

Finally, Trump sees Reinsch CSIS appropriate policies to follow and is forced to spend that Encourage Biden decoupling Although their governance.

“The reality is that the Chinese are not going to meet our demands, not too bad, and economics – they are – but because they’re bad state,” he said. “They would undermine [Chinese Communist] Government’s share, which is a last resort, and always is the thing to the CCP. “

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