Truffaut, Varda, Resnais, Chabrol…: the greatest filmmakers are on madelen – News …

INA platform, madelen unveils a catalog rich in cinematographic nuggets. The proof is with the long list of French films that it has just put online, from Hôtel du Nord de Carné to Mélo de Resnais, including Masques de Chabrol.

Truffaut, varda, resnais, chabrol…: the greatest filmmakers are on madelen - news...

Find all these films on madelen, the INA platform. And until December 31, take advantage of a special offer to benefit from 3 months free.

Truffaut, varda, resnais, chabrol…: the greatest filmmakers are on madelen - news...


Hôtel du Nord, by Marcel Carné

Atmosphere! Atmosphere! Do I have an atmosphere hangover?“Having become one of the most legendary in cinema, this line resounds with Arletty’s cheeky voice in Hôtel du Nord.

A testament to the French cinema of the 1930s, this emblem of the seventh art by Marcel Carné pushes the doors of a hotel near the Canal Saint-Martin, between a popular Parisian atmosphere and pre-war poetry.

An unforgettable summer, by Lucian Pintilie

Truffaut, varda, resnais, chabrol…: the greatest filmmakers are on madelen - news...

Presented in the Official Selection at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival, An Unforgettable Summer is the adaptation of a chapter of the family chronicle trilogy, by Petru Dumitriu, takes place in the 1920s in Romania. It is also one of the first defining roles in Kristin Scott Thomas’ career.

The actress plays Maria-Theresia von Debretzy, wife of Captain Dumitriu who follows her husband to an isolated garrison on the other side of the Danube. While the soldier receives the order to shoot Bulgarian villagers to avenge border guards massacred by smugglers, his wife forms a very strong relationship with the prisoners …

Masks, by Claude Chabrol

Faithful to his ironic and critical style towards the bourgeoisie, Claude Chabrol has a great time in Masques where he dissects the world of television. The film portrays Christian Legagneur, a presenter-producer played by Philippe Noiret at his best, with Robin Renucci, Bernadette Lafont and Monique Chaumette.

Contacted by a young journalist named Wolf who wants to write a book about him, this star of the small screen invites him to his house where he lives surrounded by a mysterious team … Little by little, Wolf will unmask his entourage de Legagneur before having to remove the mask himself.

Mélo, by Alain Resnais

Adapted from the play of the same name written in 1929 by Henri Bernstein, Mélo hoists Sabine Azéma and Pierre Arditi on the front of the stage, respectively awarded the César 1987 for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor.

In this tribute to the theater and its artifices, Alain Resnais lifts the curtain on the couple formed by Pierre and Romaine. While they invite Marcel, a virtuoso violinist to dinner, the latter falls passionately in love with Romaine. A delicious melody in which we also find Fanny Ardant and André Dussollier.


Right Bank, Left Bank, by Philippe Labro

Best film by Philippe Labro, Rive Droite, Rive Gauche unveils Gérard Depardieu in one of his greatest roles. He plays Paul, a business lawyer from the Parisian right bank who will cause a political scandal for the love of Sacha, a young divorcee from the left bank played by Nathalie Baye.

The Hundred and One Nights of Simon Cinéma, by Agnès Varda

Almost a hundred years old, the former actor, producer and director Monsieur Cinéma lives in a castle-museum with his butler, Firmin. While he loses his memory, he hires the young film lover Camille to bring him back to his fondest memories of cinema. Incredible fable, The Hundred and One Nights of Simon Cinéma, signed Agnès Varda, counts on the presence of Michel Piccoli, Sandrine Bonnaire, Catherine Deneuve, Alain Delon, Marcello Mastroianni, Robert De Niro, Harrison Ford, Gérard Depardieu, Julie Gayet….

Love to Death, by Alain Resnais

In competition at the 1984 Venice Film Festival, Love to Death plunges us into the incredible story of Simon (Pierre Arditi), resuscitated moments after being pronounced dead. An experience that changed him and about which he spoke to a couple of pastoral friends, Jérôme and Judith (André Dussollier and Fanny Ardant), before finding the woman he loved, Elisabeth (Sabine Azema).

Inspector Lavardin, by Claude Chabrol

After his appearance in Chicken in Vinegar, Inspector Lavardin returns in a film centered on him. Still played by Jean Poiret, this character is this time rushed into an investigation to find the murderer of Raoul Mons, a Catholic writer who had just had a play banned. Lavardin discovers that the victim’s wife, widowed for the second time, is none other than his childhood sweetheart …


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