Tribes of Europa on Netflix: who are the Atlanteans really?

In Tribes of Europa, Netflix’s new German series, the hero sets out in search of the Atlanteans, a mysterious tribe who could be the key to a threat that could decimate the planet. But who are they really?

Netflix released Tribes of Europa, its latest German production a few days ago. A fantastic and futuristic series set in 2070, a few years after a mysterious global catastrophe that caused a global blackout. From the break-up of the continent, microstates were born, most of which are engaged in a merciless war. But almost all of them have one thing in common: they want to get their hands on a strange cube that an Atlantic pilot left behind. This cube would be the salvation of humanity in the face of a danger that comes from the east. This strange object is not the only one to intrigue viewers since in 8 episodes, the series has not given us any information on the Atlantean tribe. But several hypotheses are available to us.

Welcome to Atlantis

When we hear the word “Atlantins”, we immediately think of Atlantis, a mythical island submerged 9600 BC A myth relayed by the philosopher Plato who came to feed the collective imagination. Precisely, when Elja (David Ali Rashed) decides to follow the cube to bring it to the Ark, he finds himself … facing the sea. A modern capsule emerges from the water, a sort of entrance door, in which the hero and Moses will return. This will immediately disappear under the surface. If the people of the Atlanteans were inspired by the famous myth, it is probably because they are hidden under water.

Between past and present

But another question remains unanswered: where did their technology come from (the ship, the cube…) and why was it not deactivated after the Black December? Probably because they were under the sea. Even if we do not know what caused the global blackout, we can imagine a kind of electromagnetic shock which would have affected only the surface of the Earth. But some fans also make an interesting hypothesis: the cube would be a kind of portal to the future or to the past. A bit like Dark, which shares the same producers as Tribes of Europa. A futuristic technology that would have enabled them to predict the global catastrophe and the arrival of the cloud of bees which threatens the planet.

Tribes of Europa on Netflix who are the Atlanteans really

Gordon Timpen / Netflix

A religious subtext

As in Dark, Tribes of Europa can be read with a religious subtext. If the series follows three siblings from the same family, Elja is the most important. He was given a role, that of bringing the cube back to the Ark. On his way, he meets Moses, who will become his traveling companion. The two then embark on a dangerous exodus. Elja is a direct reference to the prophet Elijah. The latter crossed on his way Moses (a nod to the character played by Oliver Masucci) and they both witnessed the Transfiguration (when Jesus revealed his divine nature). Knowing that the two characters have reached the end of their journey at the end of season 1, we can imagine the Atlantean tribe as a kind of divine kingdom having escaped the Apocalypse … But we will have to wait for a season 2 , not yet announced by Netflix, to have the first answers.

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  1. Dark was fantastic so I binged Tribes tonight and its just as amazing, gritty, and leaves you wanting more. These guys know how to create NEW stories with such depth that you will most certainly have to watch them again.

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