Tribes of Europa on Netflix: what is this German series worth between the Hunger Games and The 100?

New German production on Netflix, Tribes of Europa is a post-apocalyptic show from the producers of Dark which is reminiscent of Hunger Games and The 100. Is this series worth a look?


In 2070, three brothers and sisters fight for their survival in a bruised Europe, fractured into several microstates after a mysterious global catastrophe. Each of the tribes wishes to dominate the entire European continent.

Tribes of Europa by Philip Koch. Episodes seen: 6/6.


After Barbarians, Netflix offers a brand new ambitious German original creation from the producers of the acclaimed Dark. Strange post-apocalyptic series in the vein of The 100 and Hunger Games, Tribes of Europa brings us in 2074 to a Europe fractured into several micro-states after a global technological catastrophe whose real reasons are still unclear. In the midst of these conflicts for the quest for power between tribes, three brothers and sisters try to survive and embrace their new destinies in order to change the face of this new civilization.

Created by Philip Koch, Tribes of Europa is in line with the big German productions such as Dark and Barbarians with a large involved and solid cast, substantial means for impressive sets and a breathtaking rhythm. In addition, the plurality of languages ​​and the diversity in the different tribes governed by different policies are a plus. The heroes of the series, a bit irritating at first, are ultimately very endearing. We follow the paths of the intelligent and formidable Liv (Henriette Confurius), the courageous and sensitive Kiano (Emilio Sakraya) and the intrepid and optimistic Elja (David Ali Rashed), the most interesting of the three for the moment, with his mysterious cube with attention.

Tribes of europa on netflix: what is this german series worth between the hunger games and the 100?

Gordon Timpen / Netflix

Melika Foroutan impresses in the role of Varvara, one of the great antagonists, just like Oliver Masucci (Ulrich Nielsen in Dark), who stands out in a completely different register and with a lot of humor and humanity embraces the role of Moses , a crazy smuggler. If the staging is gripping, it is on the side of the plot that we are less convinced. Wanting too much to advance the main plot, we sometimes lose emotion in certain sequences and some twists are easily guessed when they arrive with their big hooves. Where Dark took his time to distill the clues of his knot of temporal and genealogical puzzles, Tribes of Europa follows in the footsteps of the Barbarians by staging a fateful war of the worlds with a real sense of urgency but does not avoid a few pitfalls and clichés that give a feeling of déjà vu.

We regret the rather unequal treatment of the heroes, the German dystopian series would have gained by digging a little more its main characters but also certain second knives and to let them breathe, the fault of only 6 episodes offered in this first season. But with a cliffhanger at the end of this first burst of episodes, we imagine that the writers already have ideas. These few flaws mean that Tribes of Europa does not currently live up to its ambitions but if Netflix offers it a second season, there is no doubt that the plot should take in depth and nuance. Despite everything, this new German production remains very entertaining and we expect from potential future episodes a more incisive vision and the continuation of the mystery around Elja, the most endearing and interesting character so far.

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