Trendy Ideas to Style Up or Down Men’s Shirts |

With so many variations to choose from, buying men’s shirts is definitely a great thing. Men’s shirts are some of the most versatile dresses that look great on almost any occasion. Achieving a fresh and active look won’t be that difficult if you get the style right.

However, with tons of options at your disposal, it often becomes difficult to know what to buy. How do you choose the best shirts to fill your closet while making sure everything is perfectly covered?

Well, the first step is to know the different types of shirts. Only after that you can think about styling them for every occasion. This article is about that, so consider reading it till the end.

Buttoned Oxford Shirt

These shirts get their name from the Oxford fabric they are cut from. For nearly a hundred years, an Oxford shirt has been a mainstay of classic menswear. These have a thicker and denser fabric compared to other shirt materials. The button-down collar and hanger loop at the back are two of the unique design features that give them a casual edge.

In terms of style, they can be worn with jeans, corduroy or chinos. With suits, these usually don’t flare very well. Whether you’re looking for something like an office staple or a wedding, these will do the trick.

Textured Chambray Shirt

Most people misunderstand the appearance of a Chambray, thinking it is a denim shirt, but it is not. This type of shirt has a plain weave in its construction resulting in a lighter weight fabric. So even though it looks like denim, it is lighter than it. And that identical look of a Chambray makes it a popular choice for those who love the look of denim but don’t feel comfortable in it.

Chambrays are a must-have as they can be worn for any occasion, even a casual office event. However, this versatility does not make styling one of these a breeze. One important consideration is to avoid color matching your jeans. Moreover, you can wear these shirts with chinos or even try on a light suit.

Polo shirt

Polo shirts are a must-have for both casual and formal occasions. They are like a step up from basic t-shirts because of the collar, which just adds sophistication to the dress. There is no need to debate how Polos have been a strong contender in menswear for over a decade.

The best thing about polo shirts is that they go well with almost all body shapes. Moreover, they are available in a wide range of colors. When it comes to casual and semi-formal outfits, you wouldn’t want to leave them off your to-do list. You can pair them with jeans or shorts for an ultra-casual look.


Men’s shirts come in different varieties, colors and designs. The styling options with them are endless only if you are sure of the event you are going to attend. A fitted shirt is usually the most flattering type. However, if this does not suit your comfort, you can opt for a larger size. Be sure to focus on both your appearance and your well-being.

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