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While C8 is broadcasting “Transformers – Age of Extinction” this Monday, September 12, the saga will return to cinemas in 2023, with an opus set during the 90s.

With five films in less than ten years, all directed by Michael Baythe saga transformers regularly participated in the traditional summer of Hollywood blockbusters, of which he was one of the hosts. Until the last opus, The Last Knightwhere the wear of its director was even more felt than before.

The disappointing box office (605 million dollars in revenue worldwide, where the two previous ones had crossed the billion mark) therefore favored its departure towards other horizons, and led the producers to rethink the franchise… in the past. Thanks to Bumblebee, prequel centered on the robot of the same name. Then the future Rise of the Beaststhe next installment in the saga.


This new Transformers, we should have seen it on June 24 of this year. But, as often since the start of the pandemic, an upheaval in the calendar decided otherwise. While its filming had just ended, and it was therefore on time, its release was postponed to June 7, 2023 in France, and two days later in the United States.


As Bumblebee took us to the 80s, Rise of The Beasts will transport us to the heart of the following decade. And to the four corners of the world, with this adventure which will make us discover, for the first time on the big screen, the machines of the animated series Beast Wars (Animutants in VF). Namely the Maximals, Predacons and other Terrorcons, who will join the eternal fight between the Autobots and the Decepticons.


Skip saga boxing fights rocky to those between the robots of Transformers, this is the life that Steven Caple Jr. chose to lead. After Creed II, the American director offers himself the spin-off of another franchise, where the most spectacular scenes are born largely during post-production, thanks to the magic of special effects. This will be his third feature film. And undoubtedly the most massive.


Because the Transformers saga is not just machines that come to blows on Earth, Rises of the Beasts will also have a few flesh and blood actors. Exit Shia Labeouf, Mark Wahlberg, Megan Fox or even Hailee Steinfeld, heroine of Bumblebee (unless there is a surprise cameo), because the cast will be completely new. With the exception of Peter Cullenwho will again lend his voice to Optimus Prime in the VO, and will ensure continuity with the rest of the franchise.

Transformers when will the next film in the saga be
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The logo of “Transformers – Rise of the Beasts”

Revealed by hamilton and seen in 2021 in the warm Where we come from, Anthony Ramos will be Noah, one of the heroes of this new film. The nature of his character has not yet been revealed, but no doubt his experience on Godzilla II – King of the Monsters will have been useful to him when shooting this new Transformers. By his side, Dominique Fishback will play a certain Elena. And it will be the biggest project yet for the actress seen in The Hate U Give, Judas and the Black Messiah Where Project Power.

But the biggest name in this cast will only be there to give voice. And what a voice! Since it will be that of the impressive Ron Perlman, chosen to voice a machine called Optimus Primal, Transformer who has the appearance of a giant gorilla. For the rest, we must admit that we do not know much about this opus, eight months from its release in our theaters. But each passing day brings us closer to the reveal of the first trailer, which will reveal both the story and the style of the feature film.