Transformers on Netflix: an explosive trailer for the last part of the War trilogy for Cybertron

Clement cusseau

Clement Cusseau


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Netflix has unveiled a trailer for the final chapter of its Transformers animated series “War for Cybertron”, which will be broadcast on the platform on July 29.

The epilogue of War for Cybertron arrives on Netflix on July 29. The third – and therefore, final – season of the animated series transformers today unveils its trailer, delivering the first images of the ultimate battle between Optimus Prime and his nemesis, Megatron.

Netflix original production, The War trilogy for Cybertron is a series aimed at both fans of the Transformers universe, but also an ideal entry point for the neophyte public; complementary to the films of Michael Bay (their intrigues are not connected besides), the series explores the rivalry of Autobots and Decepticons.

In addition to many action scenes, the trilogy is also an opportunity to explain the political aspect of the conflict; thus, unexpected alliances, betrayals and difficult choices await the protagonists of each of the two camps to hope to put an end to the war which ravages Cybertron.

While the first two seasons are already available, the final part of The War trilogy for Cybertron is, meanwhile, to be found on Netflix from July 29.

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