Transformers 3 on W9 at 9 p.m .: what film did Michael Bay recycle for an action scene? – Cine News

Transformers 3 on W9 at 9 p.m .: what film did Michael Bay recycle for an action scene? – Cine News

Transformers 3 is broadcast this evening on W9, the opportunity to return to a sequence that Michael Bay recycled from another of his feature films. Explanations.

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For many people, Michael Bay is no longer really synonymous with director but rather with pyrotechnician. His films often multiply Dantesque action scenes, impressive chases and above all, explosions! His latest feature, 6 Underground, provided further vivid proof.

On June 29, 2011, the director of Armageddon released the third part of his Transformers saga, The Hidden Face of the Moon. The film is a global hit, collecting 1.1 billion worldwide revenues. In France, it attracted 2.6 million spectators in theaters, the record for an episode of the franchise. With a budget of around $ 200 million, Michael Bay can do whatever he wants … or almost! Despite this financial power, the filmmaker nevertheless had to recycle one of his old films for an action scene.

The director wishes to carry out a chase sequence on a highway; Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) has to race at high speed with Bumblebee, struggling with a Decepticon. To put this scene in a box, Michael Bay does not hesitate to go and draw in The Island, his post-apocalyptic feature film released in 2005. The images of the chase this film were therefore reused and digitally modified, with of course a new 3D rendering of the impact and damage caused by the Decepticon.

It was whispered at the time that Michael Bay had to recycle this scene due to a serious accident on set. Extras Gabriella Cedillo was seriously injured and her entire left side was paralyzed. A cable that towed the car in which Gabriella was in dropped, hitting her hard on the head through the windshield. The director would have needed the rushes concerning the young woman for his chase sequence but would have chosen not to use them out of respect for Cedillo and his relatives. This is why he would have turned to retouched plans of The Island.

However, this is not the first time that Michael Bay has recycled plans from his old works and the director does not hide it (Transformers 1 readjusted an aircraft carrier plan for Pearl Harbor, for example). The mention to The Island is indeed very present in the end credits of Transformers 3. Given the few seconds reused, one can reasonably think that the director preferred to recycle shots instead of lifting heavy machinery that would have weighed down a already gargantuan budget.


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