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Six years after their last feature film, Arnaud and Jean-Marie Larrieu will be back on October 6 with Tralala. A musical carried by Mathieu Amalric whose first images have just been unveiled.

Presented in a midnight screening at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, Tralala marks the reunion between the Larrieu brothers and their favorite actor, Mathieu Amalric, absent from their latest production, 21 nights with Pattie. And for the occasion, the duo tried a new genre: the musical.

What better way to tell the story of a singer from the streets of Paris who, following an apparition, leaves the capital for Lourdes in the hope of finding the one he fell in love with! There, he will find especially a sexagenarian who believes to recognize in him his son disappeared twenty years earlier in the United States. Tralala will then slip into the skin of this man and discover a new family.

Inscribed in the health context with characters who regularly wear masks, Tralala is above all a burlesque comedy in which Josiane Balasko, Bertrand Belin, Mélanie Thierry, Jalil Lespert, Maïwenn, Denis Lavant or Galatea Bellugi intersect in roles all more barred. each other.

All to the sound of music composed, among others, by Philippe Katerine, Etienne Daho, Dominique A and Jeanne Cherhal! So, ready to dive into this universe full of fantasies? See you in theaters on October 6.

The Rédac ‘d’AlloCiné was able to see Tralala in Cannes:

Tralala trailer: mathieu amalric in a musical by the larrieu brothers - cinema news

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