Toy Story: the nightmare scene you’ve never seen

The arrival of Buzz Lightyear in Andy’s bedroom was not easy for Woody. Return to a scene cut from the first “Toy Story”, in which the poor cowboy saw his worst fears come true during a terrible nightmare.

Even though they eventually became best friends in the world, Woody and Buzz Lightyear didn’t really start off on the right foot when they met in the first installment of the Toy Story saga (available at Disney +), in 1995. Indeed, at the beginning, the old articulated cowboy did not see a very good eye the arrival of this ranger of space crammed with gadgets of all kinds.

In the film we know, this growing jealousy is manifested through a musical sequence during which Woody helplessly notices that Buzz’s popularity continues to grow in Andy’s bedroom. What to make him fear to be abandoned by his owner.

Yet, as one can see from watching the movie’s bonuses, the angst that Woody’s accumulated was initially supposed to manifest in the form of a nightmare. Indeed, in a short cut scene, we can attend a dream of the cowboy, in which the latter sees Andy reproach him for not glowing in the dark (unlike Buzz Lightyear who is phosphorescent).

An annoyance that pushes the young boy to throw Woody in the trash by splitting a terrible: “I don’t think I love you anymore.” Swung in the garbage as a moving truck takes Andy and his other toys away from him, the cowboy finds himself beset by a swarm of cockroaches before waking up with a start.

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If this scene was never used as is (because considered a little too dark for the film), we can however see an alternate version of it at the beginning of Toy Story 2, where Woody also has a nightmare after tearing his arm and have been stored on a shelf. Worried about the consequences that this injury could have, he imagines again that Andy throws him in the trash. But this time, it is by articulated arms of old toys that he is attacked before waking up.

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Toy story: the nightmare scene you've never seen

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